The Other Side Of The Stolen Generation


Define the word Mother. What does Mother mean to you? Does Mother define who carried you in the womb? A nurturer? A provider? Perhaps Mother, to you means the person who rejected you, chastised you, abandoned you?

This one singular word, means so many things to different people. Yet, Mother or Mum is undoubtedly one of the most significant things in our lives – no matter how the relationship is embodied.

For children who are adopted, the singular word Mother shifts. It slides through the construct of having just one mother. It redefines thoughts about parenting and motherhood.

Not that long ago, children were taken from their indigenous settings, and placed into the care of crisp white families. Their stories, as adults are now being told. But other stories, from polar angles also need to be shared.

Kathleen Fallon at the age of 18 began fostering a young Torres Island boy. Kathleen tells her story, and through the medium of film we can share an insight into love, pain, manipulation, shame, guilt and so much more.