Over the years, festival arts administrators have come under a lot of fire, often the criticism revolves around the perceived wastage of government funds, the poor quality shows, or the seemingly elitist appeal of the programming. Some times its the ego of the Artistic Director that gets in the way. Sometimes its a performance that works beautifully in Europe but does not translate to Australian audiences. When its all said and done, there is no greater indicator of a festivals success, than bums on seats. On the festival circuit, the top job is that of the Artistic Director who creates, curates, commissions and ultimately is made accountable for what the public gets to see. It’s a fine line between catering to the masses on one hand, and sourcing challenging, engaging, world class international art and performers that inspire, connect and are cutting edge, leaving a positive lasting impression. Few people get it right. And like most jobs in the arts, you are only as good as your last event. Our guest today is at the top of his game. He has won a multitude of awards – Directed the Adelaide Festival – the Sydney Festival and he the current artistic director of the Melbourne International Arts Festival.