The Other Side of Benny And Frank – the Two Fat Lattes


We are going to relax a little today and have a bit of a laugh…but I should warn you…our conversations today may involve coarse language and adult themes….
Six months ago, Sue and Dean were here with you remembering a remarkable man, an extraordinary teacher, broadcaster and a national leader in Community Radio.
Together with Peter Forte, we remembered our mentor – thankful for his insights, his passion and his caustic sense of humour. Lets have a listen to the one and only – Addam Stobbs….
Addam Stobbs brought out the best…and the worst in people, but no one could question his endless pursuit of broadcasting excellence. Im memory and celebration of Addam, the board of management here at JOY 94.9 created the Addam Stobbs Memorial award for broadcast excellence.
It is our great pleasure to introduce our national audience to the inaugural recipients of this most prestigious award – two men who embody the discipline and dedication befitting such acknowledgement.
This dynamic duo inherently engage the listener – they entertain en-mass in a coveted weekly timeslot with their seemingly effortless signature sense of humour. Known as The Two Fat Lattes – please welcome Word For Word – Benny Mazullo and Frank Ponte ….