Puppy Farms – A National Discrace


For generations people have been breeding puppies, it is not a new industry, but in recent years it has become a multi million dollar industry and one that the average person can tap into to make extra money.

There are reputable dog breeders, those who understand and respect the dignity and welfare of the animals, and there are those that do not.
Puppy farming is the term generally acknowledged as the breeding on mass of female dogs on a commercial scale to produce puppies that are generally sold to pet shops.
Breeding dogs can suffer loneliness, isolation, cramped conditions, filth and general deprivation until they are too old, too sick or too exhausted and have outgrown their usefulness.
Joining us today are Liz Walker (CEO, Lort Smith Animal Hospital) and Debra Tranter (President & Spokesperson, Oscar’s Law) and later we will be joined by David Graham – or Farmer Dave (who we might remember from Big Brother) who will be talking to us about the behavioral aspects of puppy farming.