New Media – Matt Akersten – National Editor of SameSame.com.au


For many years now futurists and realists have been predicting the demise of newspapers and magazines. Traditional revenue streams like the classified section of daily Newspapers have all but dried up, replaced by real-time efficiency and vendor-controlled web-based models like e-bay.

Today’s news gathers are the smart-phone enabled bloggers and citizens of the World – and the news is as it happens. It’s instant and its NOW!

International web-feeds, on-line streaming of audio and video, social network delivery systems and consumer based commentary enable you and me to feel a part of the news; breaking down isolation, connecting us to the world at large.

The challenges faced by traditions media moguls caught up in ‘telling’ the news, are the very thing new-media sites embrace.

To discuss how this evolution affects the GLBTIQ Community and to announce the 25 most influential Gays & Lesbians for 2010, is the National Editor of one of Australia’s fastest growing websites, samesame.com.au