In July 2008, the Australian Government announced the formation of The Organ and Tissue Authority, a new national agency costing $151 million, aimed at establishing a World’s Best Practice Approach to Organ and Tissue Donation for Transplantation.

Right now there are approximately 1700 Australians waiting for a life-saving or life-improving organ transplant.

In 2009, 247 people donated organs to 799 Australians. In 2010, the first full year of the Government’s new Authority, a record 309 deceased Australians donated their organs and tissue for transplant. Their extraordinary generosity saved or improved the lives of 931 people.

……Arhhh….If only all Government Authorities could be so successful?

Sadly, the waiting list for organs and tissues remains long and those on it continue to suffer each day. Tragically at least two people will die each week while waiting.

If you think, like I do, that the greatest thing you could do for this world as you leave it, is to donate your organs to someone in need….then think again!…..

Why?……Because it is not your decision to make!

No matter how good your intentions are to donate your organs, the decision is left to your family who, often distraught with grief and loss at your passing, fail to comply with your wishes. …..Why?….Because YOU never told them! wwww.donatelife.org.au