Same Sex Surrogacy


Starting a family is one of the biggest decisions a couple can make. The ability to make the choice to conceive can be swept away in a moment of passion for non same sex couples. This is not the case for same sex partners.

For same sex couples the process and decisions involved in starting a family are automatically complex.

Same sex partners, regardless of gender embark on journeys that lead them to an intricate web of legal definitions, medical intervention options, adoption, surrogacy or self made arrangements.

Co-founders of the Gay Dad’s Alliance Trevor Elwell and Peter West, have been on such a journey … For Trevor and Peter the boundaries of Australian law and the desire to have a family led them to a clinic in India where the laws do not forbid male couples to access surrogacy.

Trevor and Peter are now proud parents of Evelyn & Gaia 22 months, and Reuben 7 months. They join us today Word for Word.