Understanding Maddness with John Watkins


Most of us have gone off the rails at least once or twice in our lives, but for some, life is mad.

Psychosis tends to conjure up images of the most disturbing nature and those suffering from extreme forms of mental disorder have tended to be shut away in padded cells and lunatic asylums.

The medical fraternity would have us believe that those suffering from a psychotic disorder, are chemically imbalanced and experiencing a brain malfunction.

Our guest today believes there could be more to it. Drawing on more than 30 years experience in mental health counseling, researching and education, he believes there is “method in the madness” and that healing and recovery is possible if a holistic path is chosen.

For years, those suffering various forms of psychosis were condemned to a lifetime of suffering and despair however; John Watkins believes we can heal the wounded soul.