My Nine Lives – Jane Leigh’s amazing story of survival.


My Nine Lives

With the The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse now underway, it is fair to say the eyes of the World are upon us.

The systematic sexual and emotional abuse of children by Catholic Priests over decades and across nations the world over is ghastly.

Perhaps the repugnant nature of those crimes is only out done, by the unfathomable reluctance of the Church itself to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of individuals and families lives that have been destroyed in the process.

A darker cloud has never been cast over the Holy Sea.

Many believe Australia’s Royal Commission will help guide a way forward for the Church and its flock – but along the way, thousands of lives will again be forced to re-live the vile reality of their abuse – events that often transpired decades ago.

Sadly lifting the lid on these dark truths is a necessary evil – left unchecked it is clear that the Catholic Church would allow the rape of children and its cover up to continue – parish by parish – country by country.

Today’s guest knows all too well, the Church’s ability to duck and weave the issue.  At just 13 years of age she was preyed upon by a handsome, charismatic young priest who for two and a half years violated her innocence, betraying her trust and betraying the cross around his neck.

As we’ll discover today, that incident is just a blip in a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse that today’s guest has endured.

Somehow, through it all Jane Leigh has not only managed to survive, but has dedicated her life’s work as a clinical psychotherapist to helping those who have also been through similar events.

To report Child Abuse call Crime Stoppers on T:  1800 333 000

For 24 hour crisis support & suicide prevention call Life Line on T:  13 11 14