Religion In SchoolsIs Religious Instruction in Victoria’s State School system, the God-given right of ACCESS Ministries?  Its CEO seems to think so!

What was once considered an education in moral guidance has become a recruitment exercise in converting and making disciples of 5-12 year old public school children.  In Victoria, it is almost exclusively the domain of ACCESS Ministries, an organisation consisting of all major denominations of Christianity.

ACCESS volunteers go into schools and deliver “Religious Instruction” outside of the state sanctioned syllabus and with no ability for teachers, principals or parents to address any concerns.  This is the same organisation who provides the majority of the State school chaplains as sanctioned by the then Howard Federal Government.

Scott Hedges is a father who has had enough of the State paying for and endorsing the recruitment drive of ACCESS Ministries.  He is joined by Naja Voorhoeve, the mother of a young boy who came home from school with a Biblezine from ACCESS Ministries and its contents made headlines.

Lend your voice to the campaign to stamp out Religious Instruction in the State School system.

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