Episode 01Modern Families and The Law is a four part radio series that explores some of the legal difficulties and complexities faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people when interacting with the laws of the land.

In this episode we explore issues regarding co-parenting, adoption and foster care with an expert panel consisting of Psychologist Vincent Papaleo, Jacqui Tomlins, Sally Nicholes and her team of specialist LGBTI legal consultants.

Special forum guests reveal the horrors of what happens when things go wrong and the beauty and love that stems from the miracle of life itself. Resource Kit

Download your copy of Jacqui Tomlin’s Resource Kit For Rainbow Families and be sure to check out her website. 

Recorded live at the John Udorovic QC Rooms and with the assistance Nicholes Family Lawyers, this episode first aired Word for Word on JOY 94.9, Sunday 14 June, 2015.

Laws differ in each State and Territory of Australia. This series should be considered a guide only and should not replace personal advice from a qualified legal professional.

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