Rowena Allen and Fiona McCormack

Commissioner Rowena Allen and CEO of Domestic Violence Victoria, Fiona McCormack

There is a serious problem with men in Australia today.  Masculinity and violence – violence and masculinity!

OK – a pretty broad statement to open with, but overall the data is compelling.  The majority of violent crimes are perpetrated by men.  The majority of victims of violence are men. And the root cause – Australian men and their attitude towards masculinity.

In situations of ‘Family’ or ‘Domestic’ violence, men are still the perpetrators, but the vast majority of victims are women.  Even in cases where women have killed their intimate male partners, the homicide was a result of the man’s long-term domestic violence towards his female partner. white-ribbon-goes-lgbti

For the last couple of years, Australia has begun talking about Family Violence thanks to survivors like Rosie Batty becoming advocates for change.  In Victoria, the death of her son sparked a Royal Commission into Family Violence.  The 10kg report delivered in May 2016, listed 227 recommendations for our Government to implement.  Buried among the report’s findings was the startling revelation – there is no data available on the prevalence of LGBTI Family Violence.

The result of not having such information is that there have been no specific services to support victims, intervene and change perpetrators behaviour and offer financial assistance or crisis accommodation.

On Word For Word today, Dean Beck is joined by Fiona McCormack, CEO of Domestic Violence Victoria and the Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, Rowena Allen, to discuss the vast amount of work that needs to be done before LGBTI Family Violence is recognised, support systems put into place and attitudes to masculinity in this country changed for everyone’s sake.

SUPPORT:  For confidential help and referrals across Australia call 1800 RESPECT (1800737 732).

In an emergency always call 000.

Men seeking to address behavioural issues can contact the Men’s Referral Service on 1800 015 188

VAC offer counselling service and a behavioural change program for gay men called Revisioning. 

LGBTI Family Violence affects Everybody