Dennis Altman has quite the resume! Professorial Fellow in Human Security at La Trobe University; Doctor of Letters Macquarie University; Ambassador Human Rights Law Centre; Patron Australian Lesbian and gay Archives; Patron Pride Foundation Australia – just for starters. 

My guest has also published 14 books; worked as an academic both in Australia and internationally since the 1960s (including as Visiting Chair of Australian Studies at  Harvard University in 2005); has been involved with government and community responses to HIV/AIDS here in Australia and the Asia Pacific over many decades; and spoken at conferences all over the world on a variety of topics.  

In 2006 he was listed by The Bulletin as one of the 100 most influential Australians ever. He was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 2008, and has been an activist most of his adult life – dedicating himself to the betterment of life for queer communities. 

This podcast originally aired on February 27, 2021 on JOY94.9