Lisa Daniel’s guest on Word for Word goes by the simple, yet perfectly suited name of Sprinkle. Sprinkle has been active in the fashion, costumery performance, film and curatorial spaces since the mid 1990s. She’s won awards, appeared in kink performances and sex positive films, and her fashion has appeared in countless media from tv to film, to print magazines.  

A tall and curvy woman herself, Sprinkle struggled for many years trying to find clothes that not only fit but flattered her curves…to no avail.  So instead, she started creating and sewing her own garments, and among other things Sprinkle Emporium was born. Sprinkle has had her fair share of challenges across her life – from a sometimes difficult childhood, to the vagaries of the fashion and performance industries, to losing her partner in 2019 then having to negotiate the wild ride of COVID in 2020. Despite that, my guest has always maintained a positive attitude to life. 

This podcast aired on March 20, 2021 on JOY 94.9.