Joining Lisa Daniel today on Word for Word on @JOY94.9 is guest Yvonne Sillett. Yvonne grew up in Victoria and followed in her parents’ footsteps by enlisting in the Australian Army directly after high school. Her decade long career was cut short in 1989 when she was discharged from the Army after a witch-hunt that was carried out for Australian Defence Force members who were seen as gay or lesbian. As a Corps of Signal Yvonne had a topsecret clearance and it was decided by the Army that her sexuality exposed her to bribery and therefore she was deemed a national security risk. Since then Yvonne has fought for a redress scheme and an apology from the Australian government and Defence Force over the forced resignations of hundreds of defence force personnel over issues supposedly related to their sexuality.  

Word for Word is hosted by Lisa Daniel on JOY 94.9, and produced by Ellen Spalding and this podcast originally aired on August 14th, 2021