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Professor Lee BadgettThis is the special extended interview – The Economics of Equality with Professor Lee Badgett. This podcast includes additional content to that contained in the podcast and broadcast of World Wide Wave on August 11, 2020.

Have you heard about “the pink dollar”? Highly paid, same-sex couples with no kids and lots of money to spend. It’s supposedly a highly sought-after market for businesses, who are keen to cash in on the pot of pink gold at the end of the rainbow. But is the whole thing just a myth…and can true equality result in ever greater riches?

One person who lives in a world of LGBTIQ data is Professor Lee Badgett. Lee is an Economics Professor at the University of Massachusetts in the USA and Research Director for the Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy. Lee has been studying the economics of equality across the globe for many years and has now released a book titled: The Economic Case for LGBT Equality.


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