Yangfa LeowSingapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs this week formally reminded the United States embassy that foreign missions – quote – “are not to interfere in our domestic social and political matters”. They added that is included such issues as “how sexual orientation should be dealt with in public policy”.

So how did the USA supposedly interfere? They provided non-financial support to a webinar with US author, Lee Badgett, who spoke about the findings of her recent book – The Economic Case for LGBT Equality. The invitation-only event was run by not-for-profit Oogachaga LGBT Counselling Service, who were immensely surprised by the rebuke.

In a place where homosexuality, is illegal yet there are legal gay bars, it is clear that Singapore is a land of complexity. One thing that is clear though – the Singapore government doesn’t like the international community getting involved in what they see as their business. So tonight we delve into what is behind this culture and why LGBTI rights aren’t progressing, with our friend of the show Yangfa Leow, the Executive Director of Oogachaga LGBT Counselling Service in Singapore.