Best of 2021As 2021 comes to an end, you might be heaving a huge sigh of relief. And we don’t yet know what to expect in 2022. One thing we can guarantee is that JOY will continue to bring you the diverse stories of the rainbow community from around the world, in all its pain, inspiration and – dare I say – joy!

So tonight we thought we would bring you a few of our favourite shows and guests from 2021. And it was a hard choice. From Turkey to Jamaica, Russia to Bermuda, we have covered all points of the globe, before we settled on:

  • How street walking and public kiss-ins are challenging views on LGBT people in the Dominican Republic.
  • We speak to Lithuania’s first openly gay Member of Parliament about his plans for law changes.
  • Hear an openly queer Palestinian singer who is a rare voice of tolerance.
  • And be inspired by a young queer person in Nigeria taking to the airwaves to fight homophobia.