Welcome to ChechnyaWith all the media focused on Ukraine, the LGBT attacks in nearby countries have been hidden from sight. Chechnya rose to prominence when rumours began to surface in 2017 of a “gay purge”. It was extremely hard at the time for international media to verify what was actually going on as victims either disappeared or were too afraid to speak out.

We now know that what was going on was a purge – a liquidation – of the LGBT community with the full knowledge and perhaps even participation of the Chechnyan government. There were reports of LGBT people being rounded up, tortured and even being shamed then released to their families who were encouraged to commit so-called “honour killings”.

Oscar nominated film Director, David France, went undercover in Chechnya to capture these harrowing stories – and the inspirational efforts of the LGBT activists who risked their lives to save them. The documentary – Welcome to Chechnya: The Gay Purge – will show next month here at the Victorian Pride Centre as a fundraiser for Kaleidoscope Australia.