Squirrel, Tom and Matt behind a JOY sign waving flag

Our show: weekly community radio

  • World Wide Wave airs on JOY 94.9, Australia’s only gay and lesbian radio station.
  • Each week, we look at the LGBTI situation in a different country.
  • After the show, we post interview podcasts and information.

Our mission: bringing global gay news/views to you one country at a time

World MapWorld Wide Wave is a volunteer-run radio show that aims to promote awareness of international LGBTI issues. Our program provides in-depth analysis and interviews. We focus on the challenges — and successes — facing the global LGBTI community. Our goal is to have at least one program for every country or place in the world.

Our guests: international and wide-ranging

We take pride in interviewing a wide range of LGBTI people and supporters including politicians, activists, academics, parents, authors, students, professionals and more. We’ve chatted with:

  • The first LGBTI head of state (Norway’s former Prime Minister)
  • Mr. Gay World (South Africa)
  • US Embassy members (Australia and Kenya)
  • Members of Parliament (Nepal and Iceland)
  • UN Policy Committee Members (re: Haiti)
  • Academics from the Middle East (Turkey, Iran)
  • LGBTI parents (many countries!)
  • Inspirational talk-show hosts (the Philippines)
  • Hotline volunteers (Taiwan and Lebanon)

and many more!

Our Code of Ethics: Based on the Australian Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Below is World Wide Wave’s Code of Ethics. We request that our contributors adhere to this code:

  1. Report and interpret honestly, striving for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts. Strive to give a fair opportunity for reply.
  2. Do not place unnecessary emphasis on (or bias against) personal characteristics, including race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, family relationships, religious belief, or physical or intellectual disability.
  3. Aim to attribute information to its source.
  4. Strive for fair correction of errors.

Greater detail can be found on the Australian Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance website.

Our crew: meet our volunteers based in Melbourne, Australia

The original team consisted of Tom, Squirrel and Hikaru (AJ). The current team is led by Matt.


Originally from Sydney, Matt is Aussie born and bred and has made Melbourne his home. Matt works in marketing, plays field hockey and has traveled widely. With an avid interst in current affairs, he loves to interview people and explore LGBTI rights around the world.


Squirrel operating radio panel


Squirrel is a New Zealand-born journalism student at the University of Melbourne. She also has a Masters and PhD in policy analysis and evaluation.

Tom in the JOY office


Tom is an American-born world traveler. He has lived in Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany, the United States and Australia. He is on a quest for LGBTI equality around the world.

The original crew

The original World Wide Wave crew during their first season in 2011.

 Squirrel, Tom and Hikaru holding JOY CDs