Fun Fast Facts:

  • Intersex people have been known to ancient and pre-modern cultures. An example is one of the Sumerian creation myths from more than 4,000 years ago.
  • In some cultures, intersex people are included in larger “third gender” or gender-blending social roles along with other individuals.
  • In most societies, intersex people are expected to conform to either a female or a male gender role.
  • Intersex babies to this day, are often subjected to surgery to alter their anatomy.

LGBT-friendly organisation: Organisation Intersex International (OII) Australia

  • OII is an affiliate of Organisation Internationale des Intersexués, a network of 20 intersex organisations on six continents.
  • OII is an independent support and policy development organisation by and for intersex people.

W3JOY interviewed: Morgan Carpenter, President of Organisation Intersex International (OII) Australia

[Human Rights Between the Sexes by OII Germany]…is the first comparative human rights report looking at the rights of intersex people worldwide
Looking at these 12 hugely diverse countries, intersex individuals are considered individuals with a disorder in all areas where Western medicine prevails…they are treated as sick or abnormal
What do you think it would feel like if you were made to be physically different to be acceptable in society?
Normalisation surgery is more than physical reconstruction. The surgery is intended to deconstruct an intersex physiology and in turn construct an identity which conforms with stereotypical male and female gender categories