Fun Fast Facts

  • While the UN was founded in 1945, LGBT rights were not openly discussed in forums such as the Human Rights Council or General Assembly until 2008.
  • The first resolution on LGBT rights was initiated by South Africa in 2011. The resolution passed 23 to 19 and called for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to draft a report on the situation of LGBT citizens worldwide.
  • The report released in 2011 documented violations of the human rights of LGBT people, including hate crimes, criminalisation of homosexuality and discrimination. The High Commissioner Navi Pilay called for a repeal of laws criminalising homosexuality and for equitable ages of consent for all people regardless of sexuality.

LGBT organisation: The UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR)

  • The OHCHR is a UN agency that works to promote and protect the human rights as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • It was established in 1993.
  • The Born Free and Equal campaign was launched in July 2013 and aims at educating the global public on LGBT equality.

LGBT organisation: Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (VGLRL)

  • The VGLRL works for the LGBTIQ community to end discrimination and achieve equality and social justice through campaigning, advocacy and legal reform.

W3JOY interviewed: Charles Radcliffe, UN Human Rights Office

“We need to start a conversation out there at a country level [on LGBT human rights’] and that’s what Born Free and Equal is about.”

“As long as the law tells people that gay people are essentially second class and second rate and should be treated like criminals, then it’s inviting general society to do the same.”

“In the end, if this campaign can do something positive, I hope that it can begin a conversation and get people talking.”

W3JOY interviewed: Anna Brown, Victoria Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

Speaking from an international perspective, Anna says;

“Unfortunately LGBTI people are just not abused or discriminated against but even killed simply  for being who they are.”

“Its been fantastic to see just how far things have come in such a a short space of time.”

“Unlike other groups… there’s no international treaty specifically for GLBTI people.”