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Going to sleep and dreaming is like taking an unusual and unexpected journey. Songwriters have used dreams in various ways. Sometimes it’s to mask the sadness of losing a loved one ‘In Dreams’ by Roy Orbison or as a way of bonding ‘Dreaming My Dreams With You’ by Colleen Hewett or Mama Cass’s  ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’. Then there is the haunting ‘Dream Weaver’ by Gary Wright and the sublime voice of Tony WIlliams fronting the Platters ‘My Dream’. ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ by The Romantics and walking in your sleep i.e. ‘Sleepwalk’ by Santo & Johnny are two aspects of sleeping, while perennial favourite Petula Clark presents her rather sardonic ‘Don’t Sleep in the Subway’. An interesting inclusion is the teen-tragic song from the fifties ‘Endless Sleep’ by Jody Reynolds.


  • In Dreams – Roy Orbison
  • Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
  • Dreaming My Dreams With You – Colleen Hewett
  • Talking In Your Sleep – The Romantics
  • Don’t Sleep In The Subway – Petula Clark
  • Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Mama Cass
  • My Dream – The Platters
  • Dream Weaver – Gary Wright
  • Endless Sleep – Jody Reynolds
  • I’m Only Sleeping – The Beatles
  • Sleepwalk – Santo & Johnny
  • Dream Girl – Bryan Davies

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