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This week’s theme is Songs We Dislike. Hear why Rob is offended by the lyrics of the Turtles’ big hit ‘Elenore’ and why Mossy thinks the lyrics of ‘Yummy Yummy’ (Ohio Express) are ‘juvenile’. Pat Boone offends twice in this program with the ‘appalling’ lyrics of the song ‘Technique’ and his ‘antiseptic’ rendition of ‘Ain’t That A Shame’. Mossy is unimpressed by Olivia Newton-John‘s song ‘Have You Never Been Mellow?’ calling it ‘wimpish’ while Rob is irritated by the ‘puerile’ boredom of ‘Mashed Potato’ (Billy Thorpe). However, Rob and Mossy disagree about Kate Bush‘s epic ‘Wuthering Heights’. Mossy describes Kate Bush‘s voice as ‘like Tiny Tim’s’ while Rob calls it one of his favourite songs of all time. Rob agrees with the poll that voted Charlene‘s ‘I’ve Never Been To Me’ as ‘The Worst Song Of The Seventies’. Despite all that many of the most disliked songs were very popular.


  • Elenore – The Turtles
  • Have You Never Been Mellow? – Olivia Newton-John
  • Mashed Potato – Billy Thorpe
  • Ring My Bell – Anita Ward
  • I’ve Never Been To Me – Charlene
  • Yummy Yummy – Ohio Express
  • Technique – Pat Boone
  • Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush
  • Ain’t That A Shame – Pat Boone
  • If I Were A Carpenter – Bobby Darin
  • Young Love – Tab Hunter
  • They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha – Napoleon XIV

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