Since its invention in the 1870’s, the telephone has been and still is a widely used medium for communication and as such has been a wonderful source for songwriters to portray a variety of narratives. CALL ME CALL YOU, this week’s theme, includes an array of songs focusing on various expressions of telephone use. Vicki Carr is anxiously waiting for ‘him’ to phone and Deborah Harry of Blondie is inviting her ’baby ‘to call anytime as ABBA also is asking someone to ‘Ring Ring”.  Dr Hook is calling to say farewell to Sylvia but her mother prevents their vocal meeting. Leo Sayer is calling to say that he wants to come home and the Beatles and the Rolling Stones frustratingly are getting no responses from their calls. Stevie Wonder is suggesting that any time of the year is appropriate to call someone and say ‘I just called to say I love you’ and The Skyhooks are trying to arrange a date after having met someone at a party. Dave Berry is calling ’long distance’ hoping to talk with his 6 year old daughter while Jim Reeves is calling to ask his lover to make a decision between him and another. Jimmy Little is using his Royal Telephone to connect to an important person.


  • Call Me – Blondie
  • It Must Be Him – Vicki Carr
  • I Just Called To Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder
  • Sylvia’s Mother – Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show
  • Ring Ring – ABBA
  • Orchard Road – Leo Sayer
  • Off The Hook – The Rolling Stones
  • Balwyn Calling – Skyhooks
  • Royal Telephone – Jimmy Little
  • Memphis Tennessee – Dave Berry
  • No Reply – Beatles
  • He’ll Have To Go – Jim Reeves