Once again we invite you to a musical feast of great Aussie talent. Heading the program with their international hit ‘Down Under’ is Men At Work. This song more than any piqued overseas interest in the Aussie product ‘Vegemite’. But we had many other great Aussie performers who didn’t make it overseas including Sherbet (Rock Me Gently) and Russell Morris with his divine ‘Sweet Sweet Love’ and New Zealander turned Aussie, influential rocker, Max Merrett (Slipping Away). John Paul Young was a perennial favourite too. He sings his first hit ‘Yesterday’s Hero’ on today’s program. Capturing the essence of Australia’s indigenous issues Goanna performs the classic ‘Solid Rock’. Two forgotten but impressive acts were The Dugites (In Your Car) and Bandstand regular Judy Cannon (That Funny Feeling) who went on to achieve fame in England.



  • Down Under – Men At Work
  • (Sounds Of Then) This Is Australia – Gangajang
  • In Your Car – The Dugites
  • Solid Rock – Goanna
  • Sweet Sweet Love – Russell Morris
  • Rock Me Gently – Sherbet
  • Slipping Away – Max Merrett & The Meteors
  • Yesterday’s Hero – John Paul Young
  • I Found A New Love – Lonnie Lee
  • Knock Knock Who’s There – Liv Maesson
  • That Funny Feeling – Judy Cannon
  • Hayride – The Flying Circus