This week Rob and Mossy are presenting songs from some memorable years in their lives. They are also placing these years in a worldwide context. For Rob years like 1978 (birth of his daughter) spiked a memory by Axiom‘s ‘Little Ray Of Sunshine’, 1967 (his arrival in Melbourne) listening to Johnny Rivers singing ‘Baby I Need Your Lovin’ and 1959, always etched in his memory due to the death of his father and linked to Sarah Vaughan‘s big hit ‘Broken Hearted Melody’. For Mossy her songs were reminders of her first trip to Melbourne, starting a teaching degree, traveling to Darwin and other incidents. her most memorable songs were ‘Revolution’ by The Beatles, ‘What A Fool Believes’ by the Doobie Bros and ‘Don’t Pull Your Love’ from Hamilton, Joe F and Reynolds.


  • It Was A Very Good Year – Frank Sinatra
  • Close To Me – The Cure
  • Walk This Way – Aerosmith
  • A Little Ray Of Sunshine – Axiom
  • Revolution – The Beatles
  • Baby I Need Your Lovin’ – Johnny Rivers
  • What A Fool Believes – Dobbie Bros
  • State Of Independence – Donna Summer
  • Mrs Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter – Herman’s Hermits
  • Walkin’ In The Rain – Johnny Ray
  • Don’t Pull Your Love – Hamilton/Joe F/Reynolds
  • Broken Hearted Melody – Sarah Vaughan
  • Volare – Bobby Rydell