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that’s right folks! this week we have not only one, but TWO DOUBLE INTERVIEWS!

The first is with Jaq from YMCA, who is one of the key people running an event called ‘rainbow in the pool’ which ran on the same day as this episode aired, Saturday Feb 2nd. It was held at the Carlton Baths, and was a 18+ event. Be sure to keep pages on the YMCA socials, as they’re having an all ages similar LGBT themed event in a few weeks time!

The second interview was with upcoming electronic/disco Melbourne-based musician, who’s going to be the next big thing, Luboku, who played in Melbourne also on Sat Feb 2nd, and is touring the rest of the country, before heading to the US next month.

We also tippy toe into a more serious topic of the recent brutal homophobic attack that took place with Jussie Smollett in the US, earlier this week.



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just a big-town millennial who wants to become one of the next public figures for the LGBTIQA+ communities, currently a presenter and producer for Joy's only youth show, 'Youth In Control', as well as an assistant producer and Office Admin for 'Driving you Mad, Driving you Crazy'.


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