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hey guys, we interview not one, NOT two, but THREE MEGA INTERVIEWS

you’re probs wondering so who the hell are these people?

Well first up, we had an incredible chat with Priya Francis about her new single “Tell Me.” Also, her producer Jarrod Hambleton joining us, and we had the pleasure of learning about their joined creative process when making music.

Second up we steal George and Peter from Lonsdale street where the annual Melbourne Greek festival took place this weekend, and these guys are apart of a youth group called NUGAS (national union of Greek Australian students), so they break that down for us in the studio

We also have a chat with Will from the GLLO show, another Joy show that focuses around gay and lesbian liaison officers and how they play an important role within our community.

aaaannnnd last but not least, we have yes, another Will who comes in to break down the history of queer film 101 with us, and it gets very interesting.



About the author: Alex


just a big-town millennial who wants to become one of the next public figures for the LGBTIQA+ communities, currently a presenter and producer for Joy's only youth show, 'Youth In Control', as well as an assistant producer and Office Admin for 'Driving you Mad, Driving you Crazy'.


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