TFC has been on air since March 2008. The idea of the show is deceptively simple. There should be NO restriction to what you can and can't hear. Or to put it another way, it's a musical sock drawer where there are comfortable pairs, pairs with holes in them and pairs you can't recall ever wearing.

"TFC" is probably the only show where you can hear the Presets, Gaelic punk, Ronnie Barker, Yma Sumac, Etta James and Bing Crosby and the NZ Symphony Orchestra in the same half hour or so. However, once a year the "anything goes" format is thrown out of the window when TFC celebrates the Eurovision Song Contest.

NB: TFC rules of association state that "there shall be no Celine Dion". A recent amendment (passed unanimously) added "and Michael Bolton". The program's motto says it all: Nemo scit lusisti malum hoc (Nobody knows you've played the wrong thing).