Volunteer at JOY

Volunteer at JOY

The JOY team is powered by our dedicated and generous volunteers. Meet fellow LGBTIQA+ folks, learn new skills and gain insight into the industry in our Technical Services, Operations, Production, Marketing or Content teams.

The JOY team is made up of around 180 volunteers; the ones you hear on air, and also the ones who work behind the scenes, looking after the day-to-day running of the station, and helping JOY achieve our main objective of building a more inclusive Australia.

Together, we’re represented by people of diverse gender, sex, sexuality, ability, faith, culture and profession. Each volunteer brings a unique contribution, whilst sharing the common goal of creating engaging, informing and entertaining content for our community. 

The 15 minute video below will give you an overview of JOY, our values and of the different teams you can join and the various roles you can take on.  From pitching a new radio show, producing a podcast, joining an existing program, right through to office admin, marketing and social media support, voice overs, audio production, news reading and tonnes more; whatever your area of interest, there’s a way for you to volunteer at JOY.

JOY Volunteers are required to maintain current JOY membership at all times. Not only does this display a commitment to JOY, it is also necessary as it allows you to be covered by various insurance policies.  Apply for your membership here

The process for becoming a JOY Team Member are:

  • Watch the JOY info video below.
  • Complete your volunteer team member application form – a link to this will be emailed to you once you lodge your request below.
  • Meet with relevant manager (they will contact you within a week or two, after you’ve filled out the form).
  • Ensure you are a JOY Member.
  • Attend JOY induction, sign agreements and complete media law training.

If you wish to create a podcast or a program that goes to air, you will also have to spend 12 weeks in a support role before being allowed to create content.

This 12-week support role is a fantastic way to get involved at JOY. You’ll join in with an existing team, learning how the station operates, and make a real difference in the production of one of JOY’s programs (or behind the scenes!). After those twelve weeks, you’ll be able to pitch your own original program idea, having learned the skills needed to get a program to air.

JOY Volunteer Info Session


Teams You Can Volunteer With

Technical Services

JOY relies heavily on technology for all operational aspects. The Technical Support role is generic in that it covers support across one or several technologies depending on your interest and skillset.

  • Technical Support

Broadcast technology allows us to go to air, whilst back end systems such as Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsooft 365, React development allow us to streamline operations where possible.


The best place to learn the ins and outs of media is with the operations team. Involved in multiple aspects of day-to-day operation, interacting across all JOY Teams, our guests and listeners this is the perfect opportunity to understand how things tick. Apply your existing skillset or learn a new one across these roles: 

  • Office Admin 

Marketing and Communications

Bring your creativity, enthusiasm and passion for independent community media to promote JOY and its services to our stakeholders. 

There are a range of activities that JOY Marketing Volunteers undertake, including: 

  • Social Media scheduling 
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Asset creation and graphic design
  • Establishing and maintaining brand identity
  • Growth of engagement and reach across platforms
  • Partnership work with clients
  • Public Relations
  • Copywriting and SEO
  • Photography
  • Video and Audio Editing for Social Media outputs

Volunteer roles in our Marketing and Communications space are limited.

Production Services

The production team transforms raw material into engaging, informing and entertaining content across all our services, including audio, video and text. They also create and deliver facetoface and remote learning experiences through JOY Academy. 

The range of roles in this team includes: 

  • Production Assistant 
  • Community Service Announcement (CSA) Coordinator 
  • Sponsorship Production Assistant 
  • JOY Academy Trainer 
  • Podcaster 


JOY creates content that connects, gives voice to and celebrates our diverse LGBTQIA+ (rainbow) communities and allies.  We distribute this through radio, video, podcasts and news that uplifts, informs and empowers. Roles include: 

  • Producer 
  • Presenter
  • Panel operator 
  • Podcaster 
  • Show support 
  • News reader 
  • Music specialist 
  • Team leader 

JOY Content roles all require some level of training or recognition of prior learning. There is an expectation of continuous learning and ongoing training in all Content roles at JOY. 

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Volunteer at JOY


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