JOY Radio Training

JOY Radio Training

The JOY Radio Training course provides radio broadcast training covering areas like on-air presentation, interviewing techniques, studio operation, media law, digital editing, and loads more.

JOY’s next Radio Training course commences Saturday, 25 May.

  1. Saturday 25 May (10:30am-4.30pm)  Intro to radio, writing and interviewing for radio
  2. Online Module (complete before Module 3)  Media law
  3. Saturday 1 June (10:30am-4:30pm)  The studio, audio recording, and audio production
  4. Tuesday 4 June (via Zoom) (6pm-9pm)  Show production and preparation
  5. Tuesday 11 June (6pm-9pm)  Final Assessment: record a radio show demo in our off-air studio with your fellow students




Taking place over four weeks, JOY’s Radio Training Course is held at JOY’s incredible new studios at the Victorian Pride Centre.

Course graduates obtain skills, knowledge and expert guidance that allows them to independently create and deliver great radio with confidence.

You’ll be taken through the course by some of JOY’s most talented and experienced broadcasters, who will teach you everything that you need to know to create your very own radio program.

During the course, JOY’s studios will be available to you so that you can practice in the studio and have space to do digital editing. We will also buddy you with a show for the duration of the course so you get to see how things happen behind the scenes.

Then, as your final assignment, you’ll use all the skills you’ve learned across the course to create a one-off radio demo in the JOY studios, in collaboration with your fellow students.

What do we cover?

Introduction to radio

In this module, you will develop a deeper understanding of the background and history of JOY​ and JOY’s purpose, values and direction​. Understand JOY’s structure and some of its major programming blocks​ and discuss the radio sector in Australia, and JOY’s position in it. You will learn your way around the JOY studio​ and identify basic radio broadcast elements​.

Writing for radio

​Learn to write for the ear rather than the page​ and write a three-part introduction and editorial. You will have a deeper understanding of the listener/presenter relationship and write to enhance the experience.

Conducting interviews on radio

Identify different types of interviews​, prepare to lead interviews and write engaging questions. We will discuss the value of interviews for the participant, the broadcaster, and the listener, as well as considerations of how to select talent for interviews and avoid common interview traps​.

Media law

Understand how media law applies to radio broadcasting and publishing​, how to avoid defamation, breaches of copyright and plagiarism. Delve deep into Community Radio Codes of Practice in regards to content produced and gathering the news.

Operating the studio

Become familiar with the studio panel and operating system and practice using it. Learn what it takes to use all the equipment you need to put a radio show live to air.

Presenting and formats

Understand a station’s format ​and different show format types. Learn how to present more effectively and develop a structure and format for your own show.

Audio recording and editing

You will learn how to record audio, and edit that audio for broadcast in Audacity​ and use dynamics processing to improve the sound of the audio. Understand what multi-track editing is and how it can be used to enhance a piece of audio​ and export audio correctly using appropriate file formats.

Show production and prep

You will understand the role of a producer of a radio show​, discuss different approaches and frameworks for creating content​ and prepare for a broadcast radio program.

Final assessment of your radio show



$650 Individual / $500 Concession & Student

$500 JOY Member

Please note: you will need to attend every session or catch up to pass the course and to get to air in the future.
This course is separate from JOY’s volunteer induction, and does not guarantee you a place as a broadcaster. During the course you are welcome to apply to become a JOY volunteer, and once completing the course you will be welcome to submit a program proposal. 

To go on the waiting list for the next course, email JOY Academy Manager, Fiona Newton

View JOY Academy – Radio Training T&Cs.


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