Podcasting and radio content course

Podcasting and radio content course

JOY’s Podcasting & Radio Content Course will provide you with everything that you need to create a podcast or pre-recorded radio show from your home!

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Ready to make that potential hobby a reality? Get industry experience by learning podcasting and radio from one of Australia’s radio station’s very best – JOY!

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Across four weeks of three hour sessions and individual coaching and assessment, you will be trained by JOY’s industry expert trainers via Zoom as you discover the art of podcasting.

Not only will the course provide you with the skills to create content from home, it will also provide information you need to make the transition into radio or podcasting at JOY 94.9. Not based in Australia? No worries! We’ve got students studying with JOY across the globe.

In this four week course, you will work on your own or with a partner to create a podcast on the topic of your choice. You will be coached every step of the way and the final product will be hosted on the JOY 94.9 website for all to hear.

And best of all, you can participate using the equipment that you already own! This is industry experience no other radio station offers.

The first four modules are the same as the JOY Radio training, and the final four modules are tailored specifically to preparing and producing a podcast.

Module 1 – Introduction
Understanding JOY Media, our content provision, the radio sector in Australia and JOY’s position in it. Learning your way around JOY’s studio​ and identifying basic radio broadcast elements​.

Module 2 – Writing for Radio
Learning to write for the ear rather than the page; writing a three-part introduction and editorial. You will have a deeper understanding of the listener/presenter relationship and write to enhance the experience.

Module 3 – Interviews
Identifying different types of interviews​, preparing to lead interviews and write engaging questions. We will discuss the value of interviews for the participant, the broadcaster, and the listener, as well as considerations of how to select talent for interviews and avoid common interview traps​.

Module 4 – Media Law
Understand how media law applies to radio broadcasting and publishing​, how to avoid defamation, breaches of copyright and plagiarism. Delve deep into Community Radio Codes of Practice regarding content produced and gathering news.

Module 5 – Presenting and Show Formats

Understand and identify a podcast’s format as well as identify whether a podcast is an ongoing series or a limited series, and what each is better suited to. Develop a podcast format and present content for a podcast well.

Module 6 – Recording and Editing

Understand the difference between an XLR and USB microphone and between a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone.

Understand different microphone pickups and the circumstances in which each would be more effective. Learn how to record and edit in Audacity, set up a recording environment and record interviews.

Module 7 – Production and Preparation

Learn how to produce a podcast, create better podcast content and choose which methods will be most effective to use to promote a podcast.

Module 8 – Final Assessment

Participants will be assessed on production of one audio file, in at least 128kbps MP3, lasting approximately 30 minutes, an episode title and description, planning and research material, show structure/format, scripts and podcast artwork.

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General Course Fee

$450 JOY Members
$450 Concession & Student
$600 Individual

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Terms and Conditions:

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The course is separate from volunteer induction and does not guarantee you a place as a broadcaster. During the course you are welcome to apply to become a JOY volunteer, and on completion of course you are welcome to submit a program proposal.

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