Двісті шістдесят чотири – Кохання

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[Ukrainian: Two hundred and sixty-four – Love]

The aeroplane is ready to take you on a journey around the world, with bops, bangers and belters in languages other than English.

Michael and Io are your hosts for a whirlwind holiday, particularly celebrating Ukraine’s independence day!

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Список відтворення

DJ Herzbeat 🏳️‍🌈 & Sonia Liebing – Immer wieder wenn die Sonne scheint [German: Time and again when the sun shines]        Watch on YouTube

Zuchu – Yalaaaa [Swahili]        Watch on YouTube

Holy Molly & Shanguy – C’est la vie [French]        Watch on YouTube

Наталия Иванова – Платье с декольте [Russian: Dress with plunging neckline]        Watch on YouTube

SB19 – What? [Tagalog]        Watch on YouTube

Miss Li – Utan dig [Swedish: Without you]        Watch on YouTube

Toregali Toreali & Еркеш Хасен – Сүйіп Сүймей [Kazakh: Don’t love]        Watch on YouTube

Ana Mena & Rocco Hunt – Un bacio all’improvviso [Italian: An unexpected kiss]        Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Ukrainian

Tina Karol & KAZKA – Зірочка [Star]        Watch on YouTube

TVORCHI – Віч-на-віч [Face to face]        Watch on YouTube