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Diverse workplaces are more innovative, approach challenges from different perspectives, think more creatively, and are more productive and happier.

So what stops every workplace being like this? Every one of us has unconscious biases, prejudices and opinions which can affect those around us. Without meaning to, a throwaway comment can make people feel excluded and unwelcome. 

Inclusivity training can help your team see other colleagues’ perspectives, assist with empathy, and foster a trusting and productive environment where everyone is accepted.

JOY’s LGBTIQA+ Diversity & Inclusion Training will help make sure your organisation is a safe and inclusive place for all.

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What our clients are saying…

“The insightful 2.5-hour session was led by their industry experts who provided us with a clear understanding of key concepts related to LGBTQIA+ inclusion. The training was delivered with a perfect blend of professionalism and approachability. The instructors, Fiona, Triana, Andy and Rebeckah created an environment that encouraged interactive discussions, stimulating thought, and comfortably addressing challenging questions. Their comprehensive content, combined with an engaging delivery style, was well received by all participants.

The primary objective of this training was to enhance our leaders’ capabilities in promoting LGBTQIA+ initiatives and creating a safe, respectful environment for everyone. We believe that the workshop has successfully equipped us with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve this goal.”
– People & Culture Manager, local council

“We received positive feedback from all of the participants, and people really enjoyed the content and the delivery style from Triana and Fiona. The sessions were interactive, engaging and thought-provoking. Everyone felt comfortable to ask challenging questions, and the session was presented in a way that allowed for some deep discussion. Thank you JOY. I’d happily recommend any organisation that is interested in developing a more inclusive workplace to conduct this training.”
– Brian Anthony, Technical Service & Development Manager, Dow Chemical (Australia)

Why is Diversity and Inclusion Training important?

At JOY Media, we believe that in order to make your workplace more inclusive for your LGBTIQA+ team you need three ingredients – visibility, education, and well written and implemented policies.

A venn diagram with three circles: visibility, education, and policy. At the centre of those three is a section marked "the sweet spot".

Working together with your team and leaders, our experts can help your organisation develop and implement effective diversity and inclusion policies.

We can even offer training that coincides with days of significance such as Wear it Purple Day, IDAHOBIT Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance, and more.

Session Format

Our Diversity & Inclusion training can be delivered in any format – half day, two hour sessions, lunchtime learning, one on one coaching (face to face or via Skype) – based on your learning needs and time commitments. Training sessions can be conducted in person at your organisation, or online. We also conduct Public D&I training at the Victorian Pride Centre on a regular basis.

What we will cover:

  • Why is inclusion and diversity important in the workplace?
  • Gender diversity, sexual diversity and sex diversity
  • Unravelling the LGBTIQA+ acronym
  • Intersections of queer identities
  • Understanding privilege for different cultures, sexualities and genders
  • The power of inclusive language
  • Breaking down the stereotypes
  • Writing D&I policies for your organisation

If you have any specific questions or areas you’d like to explore, we can incorporate those into the training or prioritise the sections you’re interested in.

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