Διακόσια εξήντα οκτώ – Ωραίο παίξιμο !

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[Greek: Two hundred and sixty-eight – Well played!]

It’s a big weekend – there are more bops and bangers than you can handle, and Michael’s handling party pies and cocktail frankfurts for the AFL Grand Final. Io joins him to party with a massive collection of songs from around the world (and join in with the support for the Dogs).

Shirtless Greeks, new Belgian opportunities and summer guitars make this show one not to miss.

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Λίστα αναπαραγωγής

Haloo Helsinki! – Reiviluola [Finnish]      Watch on YouTube

Juliette Armanet – Le Dernier Jour du Disco [French: The Last Day of Disco]      Watch on YouTube

The C – Efil [Mongolian]      Watch on YouTube

Baby K & Alvaro Soler – Non dire una parola [Italian & Spanish: Don’t say a word]      Watch on YouTube

ERIK – Dịu Dàng Em Đến [Vietnamese: Gently I Come]      Watch on YouTube

Synne Valtri Band – See öö jääb meiega [Estonian: This night will stay with us]      Watch on YouTube

K3 – Beter Als Je Danst [Dutch: Better When You Dance]      Watch on YouTube

Polina Gagarina – Вчера [Russian: Yesterday]      Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Greek

Κατερίνα Λιόλιου (Katerina Lioliou) – Story      Watch on YouTube

Πέτρος Ιακωβίδης – Τατουάζ (Petros Iakovidis – Tatouaz) [Tattoo]      Watch on YouTube