Jacq meets her magic match: Davide Kaufmann


A few weeks ago, Jacq did a Buzzfeed quiz. The results said the perfect partner for her is a MAGICIAN! Producer Annie surprised Jacq by inviting a charming Italian magician, Davide Kaufmann on the show.

Jacq is quite flustered in meeting Davide, an award-winning illusionist who has been featured in Vogue Uomo as one of Italy’s most popular magicians.

He chats about the most memorable show he’s ever done, and even performs for Jacq live on air! (Some magic, of course.)

Davide is doing two shows at the Melbourne Magic Festival: ‘The Great Armando’ (for kids) and ‘Favole: Storytelling Magic’  from 4-13 July. Visit his website or check out his Instagram for more magic!

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