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  • Melbourne International Film Festival reviews

    99% The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film


    97 mins


    The 99% The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film is a compelling and well structured film leaving us with a sense of frustration and anger about the situation of corporate greed in America. We hear real life stories of poverty and displacement by the people on the streets, Most compelling is the interview with a marine who was on the side of the occupiers.  The film highlights the plight and strength of  the movement.    While mainstream media may not flesh out the story of the movement this film does.



    The Sunnboy


    90 mins

    Director – Kaye Harrison


    The Sunnyboy  is a documentary about the Sunnyboys front man Jeremy Oxley. The film comprises archival footage with recent footage and interviews with Jeremy and close family and friends. We get a feel for Jeremy and how his life has panned out. We find ourselves cheering for him in the film.  His mental health issues are seen and just part of the picture.  We see a creative spark that has been kept alive after all those years.




  • EP Review – Blue Glow Path – Virtual Proximity

    Ep review – Virtual Proximity – Blue Glow Path

    New school electronica with influence of the pioneers. Some of it reminds me of early Pink Floyd.  Great experimentation with loops and effects. Has an improvised feel.  A more polished sound to previous albums.  Chilled out feel with an edgy edge to it.   Enjoyed the experience.

    Four out of five stars nice work ep

  • St Kilda Film Festival review 2

    St Kilda Film Festival reviews 2


    A selection from sessions seen so far.


    Film – How the light gets in

    Director -Siohban Costigan

    runs 10 36



    About a mother who lost a child and immerses herself into painting. Moving doco on circumstances and how they can shape you.  World premeire

    Four out of five stars.


    Film -Dumpy goes to the big smoke

    Director – Mirrah Foulkes

    runs 14 mins



    Cat lovers will like this film. Quirky funny.   Dialogue holds it together. Good performances.

    Four out of five stars I think the cats should win an award


    Film – Love

    Director – Tony Radevski

    runs 10 08 mins



    Direct open honest portrayal of  gay men who are HIV positive and how they navigate relationships. Good use of intimate cu shots.  Wanted more of an exploration of relationships.

    Three and three quarter stars out of five

  • St Kilda Film Festival reviews

    Here is my reviews of films I have seen already at the St Kilda Film Festival.  I am not going to review every film I see. Just a handful that I though should be noted and of interest to House of Jack Listeners.


    Film – A Cautionary Tail


    runs 14.15 mins

    Director- Pauline Piper

    Great narration    (  Cate Blanchett Barry Otto David Wenham)

    Delightful animation featuring a girl who has a tail.  The film is also a picture book.

    Three and half stars out of five



    Film – The comic King of Guatemala


    runs 9.5 mins

    Director- Goerge Clipp Matthew Cleaves

    My fave pick of the bunch.  Documentary style. Puts a smile on your face, we get transported to Guatemala and meet the owners and visitors to the comic store. The Doco was shot in three days by a crew of two. Impressive.

    Four out of five stars



    Film – Anima


    runs – 13.26 mins

    Director – Scott Mannion

    Cinematic in scope. Suits big screen. The narrator creates a virtual world of his own making. Part Sci Fi part drama a touching tale of loss and memory.

    Four out of five stars


    Film – Prick


    runs 4 mins

    Director – Abe Forsythe

    A world premeire at Astor. Joy audience may like this. Featuring Gay sex action.  All action not much plot.

    Three and a half stars out of five


    Film – Julian


    Runs- 13 .22

    Director Matthew Moore

    Julian is in year four and faces challenges that may even be life long.  A funny film that gets good performances from kids under twelve. This is Moores debut film. It won the Cyrstal Bear for best short at the 62nd Berlin international film Festival. Well worth a watch.

    Four out of five stars


  • Coming up at the St Kilda Film Festival are some terrfic short films. Check out session 5 for part one love – for these six men love has been a torrid and beautiful journey complicated by being gay and HIV positive.  Session 8 brings you The Lala road . Young chinese lesbians make their way through a difficult path rejecting traditional ideas about marriage and family to be with the women they love.   Check out this blog for videos of the week house of Jack style


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