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    Behind The Mask (comics), DylStick (video games), The A to Z of Horror (movies), The Couch (science fiction TV and film), Lady Killers on TV (Emma and Tina with Genre TV reviews and more), The Paper Trail (with Matt Emery on Kiwi and Oz comics) and The Reader (fantasy fiction).

    So for a heap of Queer geekiness tune in for your genre fix in Oz or abroad or ... intergalactic!


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  • Lady Killers on TV talks to Queer Geeks of Oz: The Aftermath!

    Out there on the ground Tina Rodi one half of The Lady Killers on TV debriefs the Queer Geeks of Oz crew…well, some of them anyhow at Oz Comic Con after their debut panel at the pop convention in Melbourne, Sunday the 6th of July 2014 ! ( approx at 3.10 pm)

    Lady Killers on TV image 1

    What went right? What went not so right? How was the experience? What could have been done differently? and What to do next?


    Above, Left to Right: Sonja the Squeamer Hammer, a Trooper! Dyl Adler aka DylStick, Kyle Evans and Raena Jackson-Armitage

    ( missing is Dean Arcuri and Bailey O’Neill, they were there..somewhere! ).


    The actual Panel here ( well, most of it ):

    Find out in this PODCAST at the venue!

    Oz Comic Con website here !

    Many thanksyouse to:  Tina Rodi, Sebastian Mittelman, Tim Artos Grady, Ross Bryant, Kyle Evans, Dylan Adler, Dean Arcuri, Raena Jackson-Armitage, Sophie Blue and all at Blue PR, Lisa Sinclair, Jess Meads/JM Cosplay and X-Men and other Mutants, Robert Brierley, Jonathon McLay, Ollie Savage, The Volunteers at Oz Comic Con, the Tech -Guy and Oz Comic Con and JOY 949…..and all the awesome audience that came along!! Cheers!

    See you at Brisbane and Sydney Oz Comic Con!




    Lady Killers on TV with Tina Rodi and Emma O’Connor appear ONCE per month on Sci-Fi and Squeam ONLY on JOY 949 Tuesdays at 10pm. 

  • Nicola Scott: She Got The Power!

    Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2014, Sonja The Squeamer and Tim Artos Grady meet and chat with artist, creator and female pioneer Nicola Scott about being a woman artist in the comicsverse , about DC comics and her experiences, creating iconic superhero characters from Birds of Prey to Earth 2!

    Nicola Scott for final podcast

    And we also asked her what she thought of the new Wonder Woman coming to the movies!

    wonder woman new

    The new Wonder Woman cossie !

    From diversity in comics, to equality, to being an Aussie working with the Big Boys at DC… In a nutshell,

    Nicola Scott IS an inspiration !

    ….so ENJOY this podcast!


    Nicola Scott and heaps of what she has done!




  • Talking The Babadook with Jen Kent and Essie Davis.

    Sonja The Squeamer spoke to both Director Jennifer Kent and actress Essie Davis of the film that is helping to change the way Australian movie goers see locally made horror films….it’s called……… The Babadook !

    The Babadook website


    The Babadook has been drumming up plenty of overseas audiences, and great acclaim from reviewers and audiences alike, and it’s release in Oz has been remarkable also for this female made and driven genre movie…

    The Babadook  playing in Melbourne

    The Guardian article

    “It is to my advantage that there are so few of us [female filmmakers], and that Hollywood has kindly got with the program, and realises that there needs to be more of us,” she says, with the same no-nonsense attitude that kept The Babadook on track, even when screen agencies and financiers baulked at the thought of bankrolling a horror film out of Australia.’  Jen Kent, director of The Babadook.



  • Being Visible: Interview with Ray Chong Nee

    Sonja The Squeamer chats to actor Ray Chong Nee about his role in the groundbreaking, paradigm moving play now on at Theater Works in Melbourne : The Motion of Light in Water.  This is not an ordinary play, it is the first of it’s kind and an Aussie production too, it is about Samuel R ‘Chip’ Delany the Queer sci-fi writer who broke molds himself, being one of the few African American science fiction writers and being a gay married man in a polyamorous relationship with woman and poet Marilyn Hacker . The 1960′s would never be the same, and neither would the writing of science fiction!

    Ray Chong Nee full podcast image 1

    LINKS to Sam R Delany’s work and BIO

    So for actor Ray Chong Nee what was it like to play this role of a living icon and person?

    Ray Chong Nee


    What is it like to play a gay man?

    What is it like to be an actor of colour in Australia?  Being a P.I in Australia and the challenges that are faced?

    This and much more is discussed in this interview, with Ray, definitely an actor on the rise!

    Enjoy this Podcast!

    The Motion of Light in water is on until this Sunday, July 27th ( link below)

    The Motion of Light in Water.. in Melbourne here!

    Below : Samuel R ‘Chip’ Delany


    Below: a cover of  joint winner of the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1966  Babel-17,(with Flowers for Algernon) and was also nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1967 !


  • Blood is Thicker…Shining a Light on Horror, Aids and the 80′s

    Episode # 29  Blood and Infections, Aids and 1980′s Horror movies and Beyond.

    This week we chatted about how horror films in the 1980′s ( especially) used blood and infectious diseases as a metaphor for Aids and HIV.

    In the JOY 949 studios The Squeamer was joined by Tim Artos Grady to talk on these matters, and the portrayal of the Gay in iconic movies like Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, and Mark Patton’s ‘coming out’ as HIV positive, and the more recent TV vampire fodder: True Blood, and how that symbolises the virus and queer sexuality.


    Also Bailey from the A to Z returned for something different a discussion about Guardians of the Galaxy comics and the soon to be released movie version! So what is this all about?  Listen to this podcast to find out!


    We also have The Squeamer talking to actor Ray Chong Nee about his portrayal as Queer Sci-Fi writer Samuel R “Chip’ Delaney in a new Australian produced play The Motion of Light in Water now being performed in Melbourne until the 27th of July!


    Below Ray Chong Nee gets all Science Fiction !


    Guardians of the Galaxy trailer here:


    WARNING ! !  Sci-Fi  And Squeam’s The Squeamer, AKA Sonja Hammer and Ad -Lib To Fade’s Greg H do Radiothon June 2014 for JOY 949…

    WELCOME to EXPLOIT-A-THON !!   DISCLAIMER.…Warning..WARNING!! This Content is sure to offend!

    ( Cult movies often do…)

    Almost 2 hours of Sleaze and Cruelty and Exploitation and Divine Madness with loads of Female Trouble from the Inside ..Behind The Bars where ANYTHING GOES!! From little Linda Blair to Pam Grier it doesn’t get any worse !!

    Exploitathon with Ad-Lib To Fade image1


    About Ad Lib to Fade : NOW ON SUNDAY NIGHTS at MIDNIGHT!

    ‘Adlib to Fade is rainbow flooded collage of music, voices and sounds.

    Experimental at heart, each week Greg will aim to present 2 hours of unrelated but interesting elements as a non-stop flow of sound art focussing on the more colourful and less mainstream side of queer culture. Sometimes loud, sometimes discordant, sometimes challenging, sometimes bizarre but always ending off in a quiet fade.’
    Play List here :

    BED Melodious Mountain
    Movie Trailer – Barbed Wire Dolls (Jesus Franco) (1975)
    The Runaways – Little Lost Girls
    Movie excerpt – Barbed Wire Dolls (an ‘alliance’ is formed)
    Blue Phantom – Equilibrium

    BED Melodious Mountain – reflecting on Jesus Franco
    Movie Trailer – Chained Heat (1983)
    Gert Wilden – Follow Me

    BED Melodious Mountain – introducing Linda Blair bracket
    Movie excerpt: Born Innocent (Linda Blair is stripped searched and introduced into prison) (1974)
    The Mountaingoats – Linda Blair was born innocent
    Movie excerpt: Chained Heat (Sybil Danning forces a kiss on Linda Blair)
    Redd Kross – Linda Blair 1984

    BED Melodious Mountain – introducing the “got the guts” Prisoner (aka Prisoner: Cell Block H) bracket
    TV Series excerpt: Prisoner – Bea Smith vs The Freak
    The Celibate Rifles – Eddie
    TV Series excerpt: Prisoner – Bea Smith vs Chrissie Latham
    Divinyls – Human on the Inside

    BED Melodious Mountain – introducing Pam Grier bracket
    Movie Trailer – The Big Doll House (1971)
    Pam Grier – Long Time Woman (The Big Doll House theme song)
    Movie Trailer – Black Mama White Mama (1973)
    Roy Ayers – Brawling Broads (from Coffy soundtrack)
    Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – You Gonna Get it

    BED Melodious Mountain – introducing Reform School Girls
    Movie excerpt #1: Reform School Girls (1986)
    Sonic Youth – Little Trouble Girl
    Movie excerpt #2: Reform School Girls

    BED Melodious Mountain – introducing Women in Fury
    Movie Trailer – Women in Fury (1985)
    Loretta Lynn – Women’s Prison
    Movie Trailer – Caged Heat (1974)
    Divine – Female Trouble

    (….a men in prison reply)
    Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (from Midnight Express 1978 soundtrack)

    Exploitathon and Ad Lib to Fade image 2

  • Queer Geeks of Oz at Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2014

    ‘Queer Geeks of Oz Comic-Con

    LGBTIQ community of Australia to host an exclusive panel

    at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2014.’


    Left to Right : Sonja Hammer, a Storm Trooper Empire Employee , Dylan Adler, Kyle Evans, Raena Jackson-Armitage. ( Absent panelists not pictured: Dean Arcuri and Bailey O’Neill ).

    ‘Oz Comic-Con, Australia’s leading pop culture expo, and Queer Geeks of Oz are joining together to celebrate and explore LGBTIQ visibility and representation in pop culture. Launching at this year’s Oz Comic-Con Melbourne (July 5-6), and continuing through to subsequent Oz Comic-Con shows in Brisbane and Sydney this year, Queer Geeks of Oz will moderate a panel discussion focusing on fans from across the rainbow spectrum.


    Hosted by Australia’s very own, and only, LGBTIQ geek radio show, Sci-Fi and Squeam, which broadcasts on JOY 94.9 Melbourne (the only 24/7 LGBTIQ station in Australia), the panel discussion will feature guests with a passion for science-fiction, cult TV, movies, comics, video games, cosplay/crosplay and more.


    Sonja Hammer, organizer of the Queer Geeks panel and host of Sci-Fi and Squeam says, “This is a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate all things geek. The panel will focus on the characters, media, art, people and work that is loved across queer pop culture.”


    So…that was the Press Release…but what really happened? Well you have to listen to the podcast to find out !

    Why did we do this ? Well, we all know that NOT all Geeks are the SAME and NOT all QUEERS are the Same..!


    So check out and listen ..or WATCH…the panel in action on the day Sunday July 6 at 2pm 2014.

    <p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/101149770″>QGOO event4</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user19624195″>Sebastian Mittelman</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

    Panel included:

    Sonja Hammer, producer and presenter of Sci-Fi and Squeam on JOY 94.9; Gaymer and radio host of Sci-Fi and Squeam, Dylan Adler; Transgamer, horrorfile and broadcaster, Bailey O’Neill; Girl Gaymer, tech geek and radio host, Raena Jackson-Armitage; LGBTIQ personality, comic book fan, podcaster and broadcaster, Dean Arcuri; Sci-Fi geek, Queer Gamer and Tech nerd, Kyle Evans;

    Thanks also goes  to the QGOO team:

    Sebastian Mittelman

    Tim Artos Grady

    Tina Rodi

    Lisa Sinclair

    Ross Bryant

    Ollie Savage

    and to all the panelists, THANK YOU  !

    and special thanks to : Jess Meads/JM Cosplay , the staff and volunteers at Oz Comic Con Melbourne and to Blue PR and Sophie Blue and to JOY 949,  MCV,  Same Same,  Star Observer, GeeksOUT! Bent-Con, gaymerX2, Monster Pictures and Leslie Morris.

    Article posted on Geeks OUT! website with Jono Jarrett !


    About Queer Geeks of Oz:

    Queer Geeks of Oz was formed in 2013 to be able to reach out to the geek community and in particular to the fans who identify as Queer and find it challenging to go to pop culture conventions, due to feelings of isolation. Fandom is for everyone and Queer Geeks of Oz aims to support and to reflect that for all within the LGBTIQ community and their allies. From a local Australian level to a global scale, this is about visibility for all fans of science fiction, comics, fantasy, horror, video games and cos/crossplay.


    Queer Geeks of Oz website 

    Guy Fi Podcast

    Canned Geek


    Oz Comic Con website

    See you all in Brisbane and Sydney Oz Comic Con 2014 !

  • All Trails Lead to Comics !

    Episode # 28 : Comics takes a New Leaf and the Couch is the place to be for movie reviews, and Nicola Scott is a Power Woman in comics !

    Matt Emery for podcast July 15

    On this show we have a BRAND NEW comics segment called Paper Trail, and Lisa Sinclair brings in The  Couch again to tell us about Snowpiercer…the movie version…and The Squeamer gets all excited about MIFF and Night Shift !

    Plus Nicola Scott chatted to her and Tim Artos Grady was there for Oz Comic Con and what is all this talk about something called Stranger with My Face horror film festival ?


    Matt Emery is welcomed to the Sci-fi and Squeam fold with his new segment about NZ and Aussie comics and their creators and the history of comics Down Under … it’s called Paper Trail !


    LINKS of all the things Matt talked about :

    Matt Emery here

    Pikitia Press

    OTHERS Spoken about in podcast:

    MINI Comics

    Gaining Velocity

    Hicksville Comics

    Comicoz and Nat Karmichaels’ OI OI OIO !

    Dylan Horrocks


    Nicky Minus 

    Auckland Zinefest NZ 

    Melbourne International Film Festival 2014 ( Night Shift !)

    Viago for Podcast July 15

    Snowpiercer Trailer:

    Stranger With My Face  ( Tasmanian Film Horror Festival with heaps of Women involved! )

    Queer Geeks of Oz 

    Oz Comic Con 

    Nicola Scott HERE !

    Nicola Scott image for Podcast July 15


    And thanks goes to Seb for editing this podcast, and to Ross Bryant for the NEW Sci-Fi & Squeam tag!( and the Queer Geeks of Oz ones too !)




  • Prequel to a Sequel : Queer Geeks of Oz 2014

    A Special Podcast with the Crew of Geek.


    Left to Right: Sonja The Squeamer Hammer, Empire Employee, Dyl Adler AKA DylStick, Kyle Evans, Raena Jackson-Armitage   (absent geeks: Dean Arcuri and Bailey O’Neill ).

    Over a week or so in the JOY 949 studios the Queer Geeks of Oz crew visited many a show to go on the airwaves to talk about the panel to come, to be, chatting nerdy from Video Games to Queer gaming to LGBTIQ representation in them and in Comics !

    So here it is the Prequel to the Sequel ….starring panelists: Dean Arcuri, Sonja Hammer, Dylan Adler, Raena Jackson-Armitage, Kyle Evans and Bailey O’Neill, cheers to everyone at JOY949 who showed an interest in having us on their shows to spruick the event!

    So why is it important to be Visible as a Queer Geek ? Listen to this PODCAST and find OUT!

    wonder queer geek of oz 1

    ABOVE : Dean the Comic Geek and Dyl the Gaymer Geek

    Below video is about “why queer geeks matter ?” ( from Geeking OUT vlog )


    NEXT WEEK: THE Podcast of the Panel at Oz Comic Con ! Stay Posted!

    Oz Comic Con site here

    WEBSITE here

  • Some Magic up Our Sleeves!

    Episode # 27  Tuesday the 8th of July 2014 at JOY 949.

    TV ladies 1

    In the studio we have some magic about to happen!  The Queer Geeks of Oz are back from Oz Comic Con, that was held on Sunday the 6th of July  ! it’s a bit of a debrief, but also it is the RETURN of Lady Killers on TV with Emma O’Connor and Tina Rodi…. the Ladies get their TV Geek On by chatting about The Vampire and it’s role in television, the history of fanger bangers..and the evolution of Blood Suckers on television shows!  mmmmmVampires…

    We also had a fly-in guest, the awesome Luke Mitchell from  Brekkie Bears and  The Woods announcing his new show the Gaymers show: Critical Hit soon to be on Joy 949 @3pm Saturdays!

    And Ray Truong brought it with a Sleight of Hand and some magic up his sleeves! Ray is performing at this years Melbourne Magic Festival his piece called A Long Wait !

    Check out the Melbourne Magic Festival here where Ray is performing this week!


    And Rufio! Rufio!  The Squeamer spoke to Dante Basco AKA Rufio from Hook and Prince Zuko from The Last Airbender ( animation) appearing at this years Oz Comic Con in Melbourne Town! it was a revelation( FULL Interview will be podcasted soon ).


    Queer Geeks of Oz