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  • Joy’s Monster Birthday Special!

    Episode # 46 (technically show # 246!)  Joy studios LIVE Tuesday the 25th of November 2014!

    Night Terrace banner - complete series

    In the studio The Squeamer was joined with co-host Brendan Bale as they tortured guests ( in a good way!) especially for the JOY 21st special: guests include John Richards and Ben Mackenzie from Splendid Chaps talking Night Terrace along with the sound man extra-ordinaire David Ashton and his little friend Robert Moog and Zak Hepburn from Cultastrophe talking about Monster Fest’s Friday the 13th 


    We also played snippets from our interviews with Jen and Sylvia Soska out here for Monster fest 2014 and the boys Conor and Matt from Astron 6!

    It’s a Canadian Invasion! and a fabulous and happy 21st birthday to JOY 949!

    happy b day 1

  • Monster Fest 2014 : Astron 6’s Matt and Conor

    The Squeamer-Sonja Hammer has the Astron 6 boys ( well 2 of them) Matt Kennedy and Conor Sweeney in the JOY 949 studio to chat about the ..‘Theater of the Absurd’, the B Grade 80’s centric collective of crazies who make thrilling and ingenious low budget cinema wonders in the genres we love! Oh, and they star in them too, mostly!

    we love the Canadian Invasion!

    Matt Kennedy and Conor Sweeney of Astron 6 1

    “Q: So… what’s Astron-6?
    A: Astron-6 is the banner/brand we go by and it is no coincidence that “Astron” sounds a lot like “Vestron.” The name is meant to evoke a certain nostalgia for obscure VHS movies of the ’80s. We met at a local film festival and decided to make movies together. We all take turns writing, directing and acting. And most importantly: our movies cost nearly nothing to make. We are financed by pure, naive passion and ignorance alone.’



    Left,  above : Matt Kennedy, Right, above : Conor Sweeney of ASTRON 6

    Matt and Conor talk about the new film The Editor‘ An absurdist giallo film’ , which played for the first time in Oz at this years Monster Fest  and an intriguing chat about icon Udo Kier who is in The Editor!

    Review here on The Editor !

    They also spoke about the banning and censorship of their film Father’s Day, banned and then trimmed for Oz and still TOTALLY banned in NZ ! 

    ASTRON 6 and their awesome Youtube page !


    WARNING : This PODCAST contains Horror Elements and content that might be CONFRONTING.

  • Monster Fest 2014: The Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska Speak!

    The Squeamer had her best day ever : The Soskas, Jen and Sylvia arrived in the JOY studios to give an awesome interview about..well, just about EVERYTHING!!

    They are both here to be a big part of Monster fest 2014 in Melbourne Town and it is gonna be a Canadian cracker thanks to them!

    Soskas at JOY Nov 21 2014

    The pair, these wonder twins of indie horror cinema have their film See No Evil 2 playing on November 30th at Monster Fest and they are also involved in Master Classes and co-hosting a Horror trivia night too ! But in this PODCAST they chat about so much stuff from THAT awesome news of them scoring to helm a movie version of Painkiller Jane in 2015 and how they are sticking to their guns that it not be compromised and Jane remain a strong female character and will also remain BISEXUAL !

    “I’m not working for Marvel,” said Jen. “It has to be an R-rated character. When you come to a character like Jane, she drinks, she fights, she f***s, she talks like you and I talk, and that’s an important part of her character. That’s why we’d be really disappointed if that ended up being a PG or a PG-13 film because if you look at the character… Kids are reading this kind of content. I mean, when I was a kid I was reading ‘The Punisher.’ So Jane has to be true to the character and it’s got to be an R. We can’t tone it down or we’d tone Jane out of the entire script.”


    MORE NEWS re Painkiller Jane movie

    so many questions to The Twins…so little time…

    Some of the things they talk about : See No Evil 2 and Kane and Danielle Harris being no shrinking violet,Katharine Isabelle and what she is doing now, Suspiria,Goblin,movies they recommend ,Kill List,Resolution,Vendetta,Xavier Gens, The Divide, Wincest, Reanimator, Stoker and much much more!

    So enjoy this podcast interview and you will see why The Soskas are just Bloody Damn Amazing!


    WARNING LANGUAGE may offend some,but it’s all in context, also this Podcast contains HORROR and SUPERNATURAL THEMES…


  • Monster Fest 2014 : Ashley C Williams and Matthew A Brown talk Julia.

    November the 21st 2014…. In the studio with The Squeamer is Matthew A Brown director of a movie called Julia , and Julia’s star the amazing Ashley C Williams !

    Julia closeup 1

    We all know Ashley from THAT movie : The Human Centipede (First Sequence) 2009...yes, she with the MOST expressive eyes in any film..ever!

    Now Ashley is the star and protagonist in Julia, she is Julia a woman who has been left for dead after being attacked , and now seeks REVENGE!

    Julia will be playing EXCLUSIVELY at this years MONSTER FEST 2014 here in Melbourne Sunday the 23rd at 7.00 pm 

    And the AWARDS are rolling in:

    Screamfest LA 2014 award ceremony. Ashley C. Williams wins Best Actress and writer/director Matthew A. Brown Best Editing, Best SFX Makeup and Best Score !!

    Ashley C Williams and Matthew Brown at Scream Fest LA 2014

    JULIA wins Best Picture and Best Cinematography ( Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson) at the Orlando Film Festival ! Ashley C. Williams nominated for Best Performance…

    Hear what the process of making this Horror/Neon Noir film was like and her experiences, and hear how Matthew came up with the themes and concepts.

    Ashley C Williams Coquette with Matthew A Brown

    From Iceland to Therapy to Sexual Identity to seduction, blood, vengeance , self-realisation,transformation and much more…

    Julia is a movie that will make you contemplate, it is also confronting and sobering and not for the SQUEAMISH!



  • Horror Freaks and Butcher Babes

    Episode # 45 in the JOY 949 studios in Batmania/Melbourne TownHorror and Freaks and Monster Ladies talk about the passion of Monster Film Festival 2014 !

    butcher babes 1

    In the studio The Squeamer is joined by Tim Grady to talk all things about Season 4 of American Horror Story currently on our Aussie television sets! ( so what drives this LOVE for Jessica Lange?)

    Also appearing for the very 1st time are the Monster Gals AKA The Butcher Babes Kimberly Reynolds( pictured photo above far right) and Jennae Dibben ( pictured in middle below) ,for this years Monster Film Festival about to grip Melbourne into a Frenzy of Gore and Depravity ( on film in any case!)

    jennae dibben and butcher babes 1


    We asked them about their involvement with the famous film fest and asked them to pick the highlights for 2014!

    Jane Badler/Diana and Splendid Chap’s John Richards spoke to The Squeamer too about Night Terrrace a revolutionary ‘audio play‘ phenomena and Jane spoke about the experience of working on V (the original series) and V, the re-imagining of the Sci-Fi classic TV series ! ( and THAT bed scene with Judson Scott in V )

    JUDSON SCOTT interview HERE! 

    jane badler 1

    So DIG IN and Enjoy the Blood the Guts and the Sci-Fi Wonder of this weeks show!

    Includes a fabulous song , at start of Podcast by Jane Badler: Dead Eyes, from her latest album, OPUS! 


  • Tara Reid on Charlie’s Farm

    The Squeamer had the pleasure to speak to the iconic Tara Reid on the phone line as she visited Oz to promote her new film the Aussie slasher: Charlie’s Farm soon to screen in Melbourne at this years Monster Fest 2014! (Thursday the 20th of November in fact!)

    charlie's farm 1

    Tara and the director of Charlie’s Farm Chris Sun, chat from Sydney about the movie and the experience of making it and how Tara got involved !

    Stuff about Tara Reid you should (and probably do know!) :

    ‘Her film debut came in A Return to Salem’s Lot (1987), followed by The Big Lebowski (1998), Urban Legend (1998), and American Pie (1999). She has since portrayed supporting as well as lead roles in several films, including Dr. T & the Women (2000), Josie and the Pussycats (2001), American Pie 2 (2001), Van Wilder (2002), My Boss’s Daughter(2003), Alone in the Dark (2005), American Reunion (2012), Sharknado (2013), and Sharknado 2 (2014). She was a housemate in the 2011 series of British reality television show Celebrity Big Brother.’  from Wikipedia.

    tara reid 1

    Check out this Podcast !

  • Squeaming and Shouting Out, Comics and Geeks OUT!

    Episode # 44 (technically show # 244 !) Live in the JOY 949 studios Tuesday the 11th of November 2014……………..with Matt Emery from Pikitia Press to take us away on a journey through Ausiwi ( Aussie and Kiwi ) comics culture with his Paper Trail segment!

    Matt talks about all those lovely comics here and Ausiwis abroad from Simon Hanselmann :

    Simon Hanselmann is a Tasmanian born underground cartoonist best known for his “Megg, Mogg and Owl” series.In July 2013 it was announced that Fantagraphics Books would publish a 200 page collection of strips by Hanselmann, Megahex’

    simon hanselmann 1

    Matt helped us keep up with comics activities and highlighted  some creators here like Squish Face Studios  and Tom Taylor’s Superior Iron Man # 1, Andrez Bergen’s Bullet Gal Kickstarter campaign and Tasmanian artist Eleri ,CHCH cartoonist Katie O/Neill/Strangely Kate, Square Planet Comics and a something different and non comics : little riff on the newest thing at Malvern Theatre ... a play about Dracula!!


    squish facezine

    Sonja The Squeamer talked about Flame Con too, a soon to be realised ( in May 2015) THE LGBTIQ Geek Convention in New York City!

    flame con image 1

    Flame Con details here..and HOW to SUPPORT !

    and here is the LINK to our friends Geeks OUT!

    With a few moments to talk about Monster Fest 2014 and Stranger With My Face Film Festival it was a busy show!





  • The Armageddon Files Interviews #7 : Suanne Braun

    Back at the Armageddon Expo Press Day Sonja The Squeamer was delighted to speak to Hathor herself: Suanne Braun!

    Suanne talked about being Hathor and being one of the most popular villains in the Stargate universe!

    suanne braun as hathor 1

    She also talks about female representation in television, and how important that is…and  how herself and Amanda Tapping want to work together on a science fiction TV show about women, made by women! And much much more was discussed …to FIND OUT what was said …..LISTEN to THIS Podcast!

  • The Armageddon Files Interviews # 6: Terry Brooks.

    Sonja The Squeamer talks to the fabulous and prolific Fantasy Fiction writer Terry Brooks who chats about THAT huge epic fantasy series: Shannara, that he has been writing since 1977 !

    terry brooks image for podcast 1

    So for Terry who inspires him author wise these days?  What does he read? What about those Elves of his?  What of Y/A fiction?

    ‘I find it much harder to write short stories than long fiction. I feel cramped by the lack of space and the dictates of the form. There is considerable difference in long and short fiction disciplines, and I am not good with the latter. I hope not to have to do many more of them, but you never know. I must have written Indomitable anywhere from four to five times, each effort different. Give me a five hundred page sprawl as an assignment any day’

    terry brooks book 1

    Check out this podcast of this most legendary and tireless author:



  • Talking Geek with Girls at Armageddon 2014

    In this Special Podcast Sonja The Squeamer and Chloe Stannard talk to Geek Girls at the Armageddon Expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds October the 18th 2014…just before, and also a little after ( with Meri Amber Geek-Pop singer!) the very FIRST

    Geek Girl Speak! panel at Armageddon!


    So listen to Chloe and Morgan the Dr Who girls, Beth and Hannah the Cosplay Girls and Meri Amber Geek-Pop Girl talk about their experiences and their NERD LOVE  for…well, just about EVERYTHING geek !

    Meri Amber: