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  • Geek Girl Speak LIVE! Armageddon 2014

    AT Last : The podcast of Geek Girl Speak!  goes LIVE!!   ONLY at Armageddon Expo Saturday October the 18th at 1.30-2.30 pm

    Geek Girl Speak slides (1)

    Here it is LIVE on stage with The Ladies of the Nerd: Laura Crawford, Jen Cummings, Lisa-SkyeDr Emma Beddows and Sonja Hammer !

    BELOW, Left to Right: Jen Cummings, Laura Crawford, Sonja Hammer,Dr Emma Beddows and Lisa-Skye on stage Melbourne Showgrounds, Saturday October the 18th at Armageddon Expo 2014

    ggs image 1 live

    The panel focuses on the positive aspect of girl geek culture…and it’s a wonderful way to start. Also, it’s a way to reclaim the space, to define it at something positive and empowering rather than something negative and fraught with issues. The ladies talk about role models that are female like everyone’s favourite Dana Scully/GillianAnderson, Buffy and Faith from Buffy The Vampire Slayer  Zoe and Inara from Serenity and Firefly to Veronica Mars, Orphan Black, Felicia Day, The Soska Twins, ALL the women of Orange is the New Black to real life role models as like that of Anita Sarkeesian and even more wonderful was the eagerness of the audience to include their faves too!   What were their choices?

    Well, you need to listen to this podcast to find OUT!

    Geek Girl Speak slides (19)

    Yes, it’s a celebration of women in geekdom, it’s fun to talk about and share the females characters and real life people we admire without the fear of talking about the serious issues as well like sexism, inequality and misogyny in POP Culture today!!

    Gaming — or at least who plays video games — is quickly changing, though. According to the Entertainment Software Association, 48 percent of game players in the United States are women, a figure that has grown as new opportunities to play games through mobile devices, social networks and other avenues have proliferated. Game developers, however, continue to be mostly male: In a survey conducted earlier this year by the International Game Developers Association, a nonprofit association for game developers, only 21 percent of respondents said they were female.  http://www.nytimes.com/

    Geek Girl Speak slides (11)

    We hope you enjoy this podcast of the LIVE podcast !  The VIDEO is on it’s way so STAY POSTED!

    LINKS of interest:






    Thanks go to all on the Panel: Lisa-Skye, Dr Emma Beddows, Laura Crawford, Jen Cummings.

    Thanks to assistants for today : Chloe Stannard and Sebastian Mittelman Cheers peoples!

    Thanks to Scott Liston and Locky and Chris Brennan and all the publicists from Armageddon 2014

    Thanks also to Kyle Evans, Sci-Fi and Squeam team and JOY 949


  • Autism and the Geek

    Mental Health Week 2014

    ‘In 2014, Mental Health Week will run from Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th October. World Mental Health Day is marked every year on the same date: 10th of October.

    Mental Health Week aims to activate, educate and engage Victorians about mental health through a week of interactive events across the state including an official launch, community festivals, art exhibitions, music, theatre and seminars.’


    In the studio for this special podcast Andy Hawken from Behind The Mask talks to Sonja -The Squeamer -Hammer about her condition known as Autism. It’s all about how she has coped in keeping it in ‘the closet’ for many years, and now only in recent times has Sonja disclosed and now for the first time talks about ‘it’, the biggest challenge and all about the misunderstandings misdiagnosis and the difficulty and the rewards and positives about this what was once called ‘mental disorder’ .

    So being a Geek Girl and a ‘aspbie’ , what has that been like for her, and for Andy too?

    Find out in this COMING OUT Podcast Special!



    Autism in Victoria

    Autism What is It?

    Face Value Comics

    Face Value Comics Podcast interview here !


  • The Haunting of a Walrus

    Episode #40 inside the JOY studios Melbourne town. Tuesday October the 7th 2014 @10pm.

    Annabelle for Podcast 1

    Sonja The Squeamer is joined in the studio with The Couch and Lisa Sinclair talking about TV updates and Geek News round up and something is returning after almost 25 years …..


    The Squeamer talks about 2 of the latest films in the ‘Horror’ genre out now: Tusk by Kevin Smith and the first of The Conjuring’s prequels Annabelle ! CONTAINS SPOILERS !!

    Tusk Review for Podcast 1

    So cuddle up get all misty eyed and get nostalgic for the real terror of the late 1960’s ( or not ) when real life horror influenced cinema and more…but whatever you do DONT drink the herbal tea!!



  • Celebrating the Monster of Halloween!

    Episode # 39 In the studio at JOY 949 LIVE we have a Monster of a line-up of guests!


    We have Bailey O’Neill returning after a long sojourn with her take on some fave Halloween movies and Tv shows for the…

    A to Z of Horror segment, and we have Daniel Gough in the studio too, talking about his Monster performance at this years Melbourne Fringe Festival , as Daniel says about his play Monster : If nothing else, MONSTER seeks to demonstrate that in a number of cases, society is fairly misled when it comes to their conceptions of transgender people by allowing those poorly formed perspectives to play out on stage. I guess at the end of it all, MONSTER might remind us that if we are scared, it’s probably because someone like me went out of their way to make it so – not because a transgender person is coming after you.”

    Come See The Monster !

    daniel monster 3


    black and white cherry bites 1

    Also coming into the studio for the first time ever is …. a lady of dazzling glamour: Cherry Bites! 

    Cherry pops in to talk about her Halloween favourites in cinema and television and about her upcoming show for Halloween in Melbourne town at the 86 ! HERE!   it’s fabulously ghoulish and superbly horrific as it should be !

    Cherry puts the Glamour back into Horror!

    So enjoy our VERY early Halloween Special, Why? well why the HALLOWEEN not?!!



    Cherry Bites 

  • It’s The Comic Bumper Issue ! ( For Emma Watson )

    Episode # 38 In the JOY 949 studios we have The Squeamer and the Return of a man from across the BIGGER Ditch:



    Matt Emery with his Paper Trail on Aussie comics creators in the U.S of A ! Yes he returns from something called Small Press Expo he was there with artists and creators like Aussie ex-pat Alexis Sugden and Frank Candiloro  amongst others!

    Oz At the Small Press expo left to right: Alexis Sugden, Matt Emery, Caitlin Major, Matthew Hoddy, Luke Humphries, Nicholas Stewart McIvor, Frank Candiloro !

    matt and the comics gang spx

    And in the studio we have Andy Hawken with Behind The Mask!  Andy and Sonja The Squeamer were spoilt and honoured to be able to talk to Face Value Comics founder Dave Kot in the U.S of A earlier in the week!

    Face Value Comics follows a hero named Michael, a character the book’s creator says is the first comic book character with autism. The book is written by psychologist and comic book aficionado Dave Kot. The autism advocate and author wrote Face Value Comics not just to raise awareness, but to directly help people with autism by showing them a hero like themselves.


    michael zephyr

    Face Value Website here 

    About Autism here

    and finally we dedicate this episode to Emma- Hermione Granger- Watson cos she is AWESOME!!! ( Below is Why)

  • Neuro-Diversity at Face Value, Comics and Autism

    Welcome to the Neuro-Diversity Podcast! An Australian 1st an interview with Dave Kot the founder of Face Value Comics , the man the face the pioneer as he chats down the phone line with Behind The Mask’s Andy Hawken and The Squeamer Sonja Hammer !

    Face Value image for FB 1

    It was a fascinating and at times a very moving interview. The areas of Autism and how this comic has and does explores ways to be able to communicate to those on the Spectrum and how valuable that is to be able show a Superhero in a comic who is Neuro-Diverse!   A New Age of comics is Here!

    Neurodiversity is an approach to learning and disability that suggests that diverse neurological conditions appear as a result of normal variations in the human genome


    Chatting about DSM5 and acceptance in the autism community, The NBC Emmy Award winning interview, Autistic Superheroes and Villains in Marvel and DC ? Discovering autism, Being on the Spectrum, Facial Recognition, Heroes and Representation…and much much more!

    LINKS of interest:

    On Autism


    Dave and Angie Kot from Face Value Comics

    ABC story 

    Below Dave Kot from Face Value Comics.


  • We’re for Women, and we’re for Men, and we’re for Gaming: The Message

    Sonja the Squeamer talks to Steve Darlington AKA Steve Dee about his organsation:

    The Message: the MESSAGE stands for Men Ending Slurs and Sexist Attitudes in the Gaming Environment!

    sexism the message 3tumblr_static_tumblr_static_963xr1goq9kwogc0o0gwswwkc_1280

    So we talked about Sexism, Slurs,in the gaming world and what Steve and his alliance of men will do and ARE doing to combat the sexism inside games and game communities. Steve talks about what inspired him to start this project, from events mainly in 2012, from Anita Sarkeesian to generally the poor representation in games of females and the misogyny faced by female gamers he knows in the community.

    Gender stereotypes and the damage it causes 



    Article on Anita Sarkeesian 

    ‘… it was widely reported  ( September 1st 2014 ) that the North American media critic Anita Sarkeesian had fled her own home, thanks to rape and death threats from angry gamers targeting her and her family. Her crime was to produce a series of YouTube videos analysing the depiction of women in games from a feminist perspective.

    Sarkeesian’s plight eerily mirrors that of games designer Zoë Quinn [see footnote], developer of the experimental adventure, Depression Quest, who has also had to pack up and move in with friends, after an online campaign of hatred against her.’

    The above report from The Guardian is more and more typical of the sort of attacks on Anita Sarkeesian and is a great concern. 

    Video of Anita at TEDxWomen talks in 2012:


  • A Safe Place for Geek Girls

    Episode # 37 : In the studio The Squeamer goes it alone…but yet, not quite…her chats with 2 AWESOME Dudes include :

    Richard Sowada from ACMI head of film programming, and Steve Darlington/Dee from The MessageThe MESSAGE stands for Men Ending Slurs and Sexist Attitudes in the Gaming Environment.)



    ‘The MESSAGE is an internet-based campaign designed to provide a rallying point for men who want to make gaming inclusive for women. We seek to support and coordinate the efforts of men who work to reduce the hostility towards women in gaming, and to educate and assist men in changing their own behaviour.

    We believe that having an iconography to focus these efforts will make it easier for that work to be visible, and collaborative, and guide others towards it. Together, we can make gaming a better place for everyone.’

    The Squeamer also spoke to with Richard Sowada from ACMI about THAT trilogy, the famous and beautiful and influential and awarding winning Godfather trilogy to play very soon at ACMI !


    The Godfather is a film series consisting of three feature-length crime films directed by Francis Ford Coppola based upon the novel of the same name by Italian American author Mario Puzo. The first two films of the series were written, filmed, and released just years apart in the 1970s, while the third installment didn’t come out until 1990. They were distributed by Paramount Pictures.’

    Below Richard Sowada Head of Film Programming, ACMI 


  • A Podcast You Cannot Refuse : The Godfather Trilogy

    In the studio at JOY 949 Sonja The Squeamer talks cult movie classic gangster movies The Godfather Trilogy with ACMI’s  Richard Sowada, Head of Film Programs !


    Yes, we know it was you Richard…bringing the highlight of ACMI’s cinema experience with the famous trilogy is coming to Melbourne with special 1st  time ever 35mm screenings outside of the U.S !


    Welcome to the most (in)Famous American dysfunctional family ever made for the movie screen! it broke the mold.and Hollywood would NEVER be the same….watch it this week coming at ACMI 20th-28th of September 2014.

    Check sessions here !

    ‘Is there anything new that can be said about The Godfather Trilogy? Francis Ford Coppola’s epic crime saga has been lauded, analysed, imitated, quoted, parodied and referenced time and again, and with good reason – it stands as the greatest crime trilogy in cinema history (yes, we’re calling it).

    For the uninitiated, the trilogy, directed by Coppola and starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton, is based on a best-selling novel by Mario Puzo. It chronicles the Corleone family’s rise as one of the most powerful Mafia clans in America. In total, the films won nine Academy Awards® and were nominated for a further 29.’

  • The Geographic World of Anthony Lucas

    In the studio Sonja speaks to Oscar nominated Aussie animator Anthony Lucas!  

    Discussing his work the wonderful and groundbreaking Oscar and BAFTA nominated The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, talking about his fellow cohorts who will all be talking at ACMI’s prestigious Legends of Animation happening at ACMI Monday night the 15th of September in Melbourne town @6.15pm !!

    ‘This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from Australia’s best animators is not to be missed.’

    Includes :

    Bruce Petty received Australia’s first short animation Oscar® in 1977 for the satirical and still highly relevant hand-drawn animation, Leisure.

    Adam Elliot, a master of the more traditional animation form of clay modelling, won an Oscar® in 2004 for his short Harvie Krumpet.

    Shaun Tan and his collaborators shaped the beautiful illustrations in his children’s book, The Lost Thing, into a moving 3D-animated film that won the Oscar® in 2011.     As well as Anthony of course…..Anthony Lucas 1

    Anthony Lucas is a artist of many talents animator and film maker including working with Spike Jonze on Where the Wild Things Are ( The Squeamers most favourite Monster movie! ) to working on TV projects of the fantastical and fanciful for children’s television to working on a web series,  his ‘maverick vision’ for Tim Winton’s book of The Turning. Puppets, Saul Bass, Stink Bugs, how Russians do special effects, and his desire to make R Rated Horror Rom Coms and much more….

    Yes, remember the  MONSTER is in us ALL….

    Here is a video of Jasper Morello:

    anthony lucas 4