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  • Between The Pages: Women and Comics

    All Star Comics Womens Comics Club 2

    Above All Star Women In Comics Club TOP Left ,  Right Cazz and Fur Friends reads comics! 

    Episode # 34 In the studio at JOY 949. Tuesday the 26th of August 2014 in the studio with Sonja The Squeamer is Cazz AKA Nerd Burger ! 

    What is Nerd Burger?  Nerd-Burger.com ‘is my place to share my knowledge of comic books, peeks from my daily life, my personal style, DIY projects and things I love. Comic book reading, crafting, cat loving nerd.’  That is who Cazz is..and we were lucky enough to have her in the studio talking about comics, women in comics, Geekie stuff and something called:

    All Star Women’s Comic Book Club We are a group of women who love comic books. Come join us fortnightly/monthly to chat comics and make new friends.’

    ‘All Star Women’s Comic Book Club has it’s first meet up Saturday the 30th of August at 1000 Pound Bend 


    This club is all about sharing your love and excitement of comic books with other women. That means if you want to chat about the characters you think are the coolest, an in-depth discussion about feminism or just hanging out and reading, this club is for you. 
    The All Star Women’s Comic Club is open to all levels of women readers! From those who have never read a comic, through to those who can name all 3600 sectors in the Green Lantern universe.

    We are excited to announce the first ever All Star Women’s Comic Book Club meet up!
    Date: Saturday 30th August
    Time: 3pm – 5:30pm
    Place: 1000 Pound Bend Café (Back room) 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
    Cost: FREE!’

    So what does Cazz  recommend we read in the Comicsverse?  What about Queers in comics?  Find out in this PODCAST!!

    Ms Marvel !    ‘It’s imperative that we support this story so that it sets a precedent for Marvel to start telling stories about a wider variety of people and inject some freshness back into superhero comics.’

    ms marvelUntitled-111

    The Squeamer also did a look see into this years Emmy awards and Fare welled True Blood…but more of that Next Week when the ladies of TV return with Lady Killers On TV 

    All Star Comics here

    Image Comics 

    Nerd Burger

    Marvel and Ms Marvel 

    Below, Nerd Burger World !


  • Second Breakfast and Van Diemen’s Land …

    stranger-with-my-face200x300      SecondRunDVDcoversimz1

    SECOND BREAKFAST Time ! It was an early August Thursday morning BEFORE…….

    Stranger With My Face Film Festival

    Sim O’Dea came into the studio with The Squeamer to chat about that and Women In Horror Recognition Month and also the FACTS about women in Hollywood and film making and what are the STATS?

    Listen to the podcast to find out!

    “It is important for women to be directors, because it is the director’s vision that ultimately defines what you see onscreen. Letting woman take charge of bringing images to life onscreen will result in more living, breathing models of female behavior.” 
    Movie Historian – Jeanine Basinger


    Sim is currently working behind the scenes on both the ‘Women in Horror Recognition Month’ Fundraiser (to be held in Feb 2015, Melbourne) and her fourth year at ‘Monster Fest’ (Monster Pictures Film Festival) where she works in the events and sponsorship sector.

    Sim has been fortunate to have had the opportunities to work in a variety of roles on various film projects and was given the honor of being one of the judges for ‘Trasharama a go-go’ Film Festival.She is currently a regular writer for the Melbourne based fanzine ‘Munster Times’ and remains passionately devoted to the local horror community.

    Sim is currently working on completing a psychedelic thriller ‘Under a Kaleidoscope’ (Directed by Addison Heath) as well as writing a script for her own project.

    Women In Tasmania!


  • Liberty and the Internet: Can We Watch it in Oz?

    Piracy. Privacy.People and the Internet. The future in Australia and NZ.


    Sonja the Squeamer speaks to Jon Lawrence from the EFA ( Electronic Frontiers Australia).

    He is the Executive Officer of this organisation that serves the public in information sharing and promoting digital freedom and access and privacy in Australia and has been doing so now for 20 years ( established 1994).

    ‘EFA was established in January 1994 and incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (S.A.) in May 1994. EFA’s registration number is 101007096.

    EFA is independent of government and commerce and is funded by membership subscriptions and donationsfrom individuals and organisations with an altruistic interest in promoting online civil liberties.’

    ‘Our major objectives are to protect and promote the civil liberties of users and operators of computer based communications systems such as the Internet, to advocate the amendment of laws and regulations in Australia and elsewhere (both current and proposed) which restrict free speech and to educate the community at large about the social, political, and civil liberties issues involved in the use of computer based communications systems.’



    download concepts, to transfer data from internet.

    TechLiberty (NZ equivalent to the EFA)

    ‘The Tech Liberty group is inspired by the Electronic Freedom Foundation, but as individuals we look to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the NZ Bill of Rights Act, and our society’s tradition of steadily expanding human rights over hundreds of years.’

    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

    “Who watches the watchmen?”
    - Juvenal, Satires, VI, 347

  • In The Shadows of the Internet: Piracy or Freedom?

    In the studio with Sonja The Squeamer is Tim Stone the film maker of something called The Golden Age of Piracy a mini-doco at ABC ARTS ….

    Piracy Image Podcast 1

    On The Golden Age of Piracy:

    ‘As everyday Australians choose to download movies and tv shows via the internet, a once loved fixture of the local shopping strip is disappearing fast.’

    ‘An exploration of the evolution, motivation and attitudes behind Australia’s high rates of piracy and the slow demise of the cultural institution that is the local video store.’

    So what of video and internet piracy ( so called) in Oz ?

    Downloading what is Right what is Wrong?

    What does it mean to video rental stores and in particular one of the last owners of these stores?

    Sonja Speaks to Derk de Vreugt the proprietor of Picture Search in Richmond, Melbourne, what is his experience?

    Sonja also chats to Jon Lawrence Executive Officer from EFA or Electronic Frontiers Australia and he explains some of the concerns and updates on the status in Australia when it comes to illegal downloading and piracy. What does this mean for geeks?

    Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc. (EFA) is a non-profit national organisation that has been promoting digital freedom, access and privacy in Australia since 1994.

    EFA was established in January 1994 and incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (S.A.) in May 1994. EFA’s registration number is 101007096.


    ‘We know that Australian theatrical, DVD and VOD releases lag behind the rest of the world by as much as months. Australians aren’t reluctant to pay for content – a Pocketbook study found that despite the fact that it is actively geoblocked in Australia, Nexflix is the second most popular paid-content media company in Australia.

    With a desire to keep up with the rest of the world and a willingness to pay for it, are there legal digital alternatives to movie piracy in Australia?’

    So what should we be REALLY worried about in the digital realms?

    CAN I WATCH IT ? here 



  • Being 1st : Mattie Do arrives in Oz for Stranger With My Face….

    Sonja The Squeamer spoke to Mattie Do, the very first female director from Lao, Do … is the first female director of a Lao feature film. Her directorial debut Chanthaly is the first horror film written and directed entirely in Laos, as well as the first to be screened at major film festivals outside of Southeast Asia. mattie do for podcast 1download Chanthaly succeeds as a ghost story that refuses to conform to the rules of neighbouring industries in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan or anywhere else. It is no small achievement that Chanthaly exists at all, and worthy of genuine praise and attention for proving such an engaging and unsettling piece of work. – James Marsh, Twitchfilm.comswmf_header-2014_logos3 Below Image from her film : ChanthalyPop singer Amphaiphun Phimmapunya stars in the leading role as Chanthaly, alongside Douangmany Soliphanh and Soukchinda Duangkhamchan chanthaly_2__large Mattie talked about her experiences as a very rare person indeed, the ONLY woman director from Laos, what that is like, the experiences in Lao and how it differs from the ‘West’, how she got the film made, the uniqueness of the Lao movie goer, what Horror films influenced her, being accepted for the Fantastic Film Fest, her next film and what to do after that ?…..World Domination perhaps? ( along with Tasmania .. of course! ) Mattie Do is here in Oz for the awesome Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival  currently on NOW in Tasmania!!

     LINKS : SBS  Article about Stranger With My Face Film Festival here !

    chantaly ghost image Chanthaly FACEBOOK page here !

    Chanthaly movie Trailer below:


    Dearest Sister. ..her next film!


  • For the Love of Animation : Correcting Colours.

    Where Love Is A Treasure…..Juan and Koray .

    In the studio at JOY 949 in Melbourne town, it was SECOND BREAKFAST time, a time when geeks rise early in the morning and talk geekie stuff!

    In the studio Sonja speaks to animator Juan Chacolier about his film project, short film and animation: Correcting Colours , which screened at the Melbourne International Animation Festival    in June…

    Koray and Juan in Love

    Also in the studio is Koray Adal, partner to Juan and they share a story or two about themselves, being Gay, being Out and about the importance of Diversity..and also what their fave Tim Burton films are too!

    Correcting Colours Facebook page

    Correcting Colours and Koray

    It all makes for very splendid brekkie, a SECOND BREAKFAST, one Thursday morning on JOY 949 !

  • Girls on Film….it’s just Heavenly ! Breakfast with Rohan Spong

    In the studio on a Thursday morning on the Second Breakfast show Sonja talks to Rohan Spong  the  Associate Director of Girls On Film (GOFF) :

    ‘Rohan is an Australian born independent filmmaker whose work spans film, music video, photography and projections for theatre. His films include feature length documentaries T is for Teacher(2009) and All the Way Through Evening (2012), and a narrative short for Sisters Grimm’s Green Room award winning stage production The Sovereign Wife (2013). ‘

    Rohan’s website here !

    Heathers 1image

    We chatted about Heavenly Creatures, Heathers and  his Transgender documentary film T is for Teacher and Winona Ryder as Dr Spock’s MUM ?!  plus heaps more…!

    Whale Rider here !

    GOFF website here !


    The Girls on Film Festival (GOFF) is a live mixtape of feminism, film and talk to be first held in Melbourne from the 12-14 Sept, 2014.

  • All You Time Travelers : Interviews with the Spierig Bros and Sarah Snook.

    Sonja H- The Squeamer speaks to the Spierig Brothers about their new movie now awaiting it’s official release into cinema houses in Oz: Predestination!  it stars Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook and Noah Taylor….


    After tackling zombies (in the FIPRESCI Award-winning Undead, MIFF 2003) and vampires (Daybreakers), the Spierig Brothers take on time travel in this stylish, intelligent thriller.’

    ‘Loosely based on the Robert A Heinlein sci-fi short All You Zombies, Predestination is the story of a temporal agent on the trail of a terrorist, in an intricate web of twists and secrets. Ethan Hawke carries much of the film with a nuanced performance as the time-travelling agent, backed by an on-form Noah Taylor as his enigmatic boss. Sarah Snook (These Final Hours, MIFF 2013), meanwhile, dazzles with a revelatory and intimate turn, lending both her character and the film an uncommon emotional weight.

    Shot on location in and around Melbourne, Predestination offers a distinctive blend of sci-fi, noir and crime fiction with a Bukowskian streak. True to the Australian twins’ directorial style, it investigates bigger questions – here, of destiny and identity – with wit and insight.’

    “An entrancingly strange time-travel saga … Predestination succeeds in teasing the brain and touching the heart.” – Variety

    SBS Interview with Spierig’s and Sarah Snook here…

    Also JOY film analyst Brendan Bale talks to Sarah Snook the lead female actor in this gender bender time traveling tale…find out what it was like to play this challenging and intriguing  role …..

    sarah snookarticle-2700949-1FDC2EEF00000578-280_634x286

    So what of our Community? What will this movie mean to Intersex and Trans gender viewers?

    Variety Review here ( contains SPOILERS!)

    Predestination OPENS across selected Oz cinemas  August 28, 2014! 

  • Farewell to a Beautiful Alien : A Tribute to Robin Williams

    Welcome to episode # 32 Tuesday the 12th of August 2014 in the JOY 949 studios Melbourne town.


    Sonja The Squeamer is joined live in the studio with Gerry Costigan and Matt Emery with his comics Paper Trail and due to the shock of the loss of Robin Williams ( forever a favourite ‘alien’ ) they pay tribute to this amazing man as only Geeks can!

    From Mork from Ork to The World According to Garp and more…


    Matt Emery RETURNS as well with Paper Trail and chats and updates us all on what is happening in the comicsverse for the Independent and local comic creators and that includes Aussie and Kiwi creatives like Frank Candiloro and NZ ICON:

    CHRIS KNOX!!   and here is Grafix Knox a project that will be all about Chris’s work SUPPORT IT HERE! 

    Matt also has a new WEBPAGE for Pikitia Press and it is VERY NICE find it HERE!

    here is the Tumblr too !

    papre trail 2 maori maiden download

    Here is an article about ‘cross dresser ‘ comics creative Simon Hanselmann  

    Simon is a guest at SPX ( Small Press Expo in Washington D.C ) , his book Megahex from Fantagraphics is launching there, with a  20 date book tour around the US to follow! We predict he will be a BIG star!  

    Matt will be taking his Paper Trail to SPX in Washington DC, USA next month…so we can’t wait till he gets back with all the goings on that went on there!

    SPX tumblr

    And finally The Squeamer plays her interview with the Spierig Brothers, ( contains SPOILERS! ) the Aussie who made this years mysterious and intriguing sci-fi movie that was the MIFF premiere film for the festival opening night for 2014: PREDESTINATION….

    Fascinating and GENDER bending..?  Only one way to find OUT..go and see this film from AUGUST 28, 2014, when it will be released in Oz at all good cinemas..Thanks to Pinnacle and to Annette Smith.

    BELOW: Spierig’s with leading lady Sarah Snook at MIFF Gala Night Opening of Predestination  2014.


    We dedicate this episode to the awesome man, Robin Williams. A talented and exceptional comedian, actor, gamer, advocate, who made us laugh… and cry.



  • Trailers on Wheels: Talking Trailer Trash with Zak Hepburn!

    The Tingler poster

    Sonja -The Squeamer-Hammer speaks to Zak Hepburn Film Journalist and Cult Movie Archaeologist about the fabulously weird and wonderful Movie Trailers out there !

    ‘Film journalist Zak Hepburn (ABC TV) considers both the art and the guilty pleasure of the genre film trailer, with Mark Hartley (Electric Boogaloo, MIFF 2014), Gerard Johnstone (Housebound, MIFF 2014), Antony I Ginnane (Turkey Shoot, MIFF 2014), academic and writer Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, and trailer editor Terence Race (Wolf Creek 2), showcasing some expertly made genre trailers, and examining the showmanship, ballyhoo and spirit that lies at the heart of these inspired pieces of movie marketing.’

    Event is on Monday 11th of August @5.30 pm in Melbourne Town !

    This event is 18+.
    This is a free event, but an RSVP is required. If you’d like to come along, simply follow the booking process below to claim a free ticket.