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    LIVE every Tuesday night from 10 to 11pm, Sci-fi and Squeam brings the Queer geek listener and friends all the things happening in the geeksverse, from topics in Horror and Sci-Fi, comics and video games and fan culture, to interviews and reviews, with regular segments including:

    Behind The Mask (comics), DylStick (video games), The A to Z of Horror (movies), The Couch (science fiction TV and film), Horrorific (NEW horror film reviews), Ozmosis (Aussie comics) and The Reader (fantasy fiction).

    So for a heap of Queer geekiness tune in for your genre fix in Oz or abroad or ... intergalactic!


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  • Games And Dreams

    Games and Dreams Episode 14 image for podcast

    Episode #14 Tuesday April the 8th 2014

    This week we are talking Ga[y]mes! Games on film, when video games become movies, same-sex in games & Dreamworks in Melbourne!

    DylStick is back in the studio at Joy 94.9 with The Squeamer talking about those video games that we all adore and what he thinks of the ones that made it to the big screen and FAILED!?

    What do you think? Which is the baddest…Resident Evil ? Tomb Raider ? Street Fighter II?

    ….Also The Squeamer and guest host Johnny Lemon caught up with Luke Karmali, UK based Junior Editor at IGN Online. To talk about homophobia in games, LGBTIQ characters and representation, and what needs to change.


    Ga[y]me Articles


    And finally The Dreamworks Exhibition has ARRIVED in Melbourne-town!

    The Squeamer spoke to Doug Cooper, the Visual Effects Supervisor of Dreamworks Animation….Sonja was blown away by Doug, inspiring and fascinating and all around great guy. The exhibition runs throughout winter at ACMI here in Melbourne, so if you’re here or feel like visiting make sure to check it out!




    Listen below & don’t forget you can subscribe to the podcast and get all the episodes directly to your computer or mobile device to listen to whenever you like.. just search Sci-Fi & Squeam and click subscribe!


  • Equality in Video Games : A chat with Luke Karmali


    Luke Karmali for image for Podcast

    In the studio The Squeamer and guest Johnny Lemon spoke to Luke Karmali on the phone from the U.K about Same Sex Equality in Video Games.  Luke works at IGN online ( ign.com) as junior editor and he writes a great deal on games and now he talks about how to tackle the present situation in games and the inequalities and for LGBTIQ gaymers where we stand when it comes to seeing inclusiveness. The chat also extended to Gaymer conventions like Gaymer X in the U.S and why that is essential, and how we need more such conventions.

    So is it important to have Queers in Games and Why ?  Listen to this podcast to FIND OUT !


    IGN articles by Luke Karmali


    Why Gayme Conventions are IMPORTANT!

    David Gaider Tumblr

    GaymerX 2


  • Dreamworks in Melbourne Part 1: Doug Cooper

    Dreamworks and Doug Cooper for Podcast

    Sonja spoke to the inspiring and informative Doug Cooper the man who is VFX Supervisor at Dreamworks . He is in Melbourne town to help set up the exhibition: ‘Dreamworks The Exhibition : Journey from Sketch to Screen’ . This is the first time Dreamworks has been exported in such a way to display and present it’s amazing history and it’s ‘journey’ as an animation entity that is here right through Winter 2014 as part of ACMI’s Winter Series .

    About Dreamworks:

    dreamworks fishing boy

    ‘DreamWorks began in 1994 as an attempt by media moguls Steven SpielbergJeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen(forming the SKG present on the bottom on both the DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation logos) to create a new Hollywood studio’ The company was founded following Katzenberg’s resignation from The Walt Disney Company in 1994. At the suggestion of a friend of Spielberg, the two made an agreement with long-time Katzenberg collaborator David Geffen to start their own studio.The studio was officially founded on October 12, 1994 with financial backing of $33 million from each of the three main partners and $500 million from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen…..                     20 years later it is here in Oz in Melbourne!!

    About Doug Cooper :

    Doug Cooper is at his best when navigating the intersections of Art, Technology, and Management.  As a 18 year veteran of DreamWorks Animation, he has built his reputation as an innovative thinker and problem solver.  Some of Doug’s most passionate projects include creating an artist driven workflow to revive the art of 2D Animation in a modern CG pipeline, taking Shrek into an alternate universe in “Shrek Forever After”, exploring extreme scale by flying a bee through New York City in “Bee Movie”, and spearheading the image post production pipeline at DWA for maximum visual impact.

    His most recent adventures find him exploring the connection between the real and digital world – designing interactive experiences to bring the world of DreamWorks Animation to audiences in entirely new ways.

    Doug Cooper joined the Academy’s Short Films and Feature Animation Branch in 2008, and the Academy’s Science & Technology Council in 2012.  He is also a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES), and was nominated for a VES Award for his work on “Shrek Forever After”. ( From FMX 2014 ).

    So Sonja was very happy and honoured to talk to Doug Cooper and here is the FULL interview !

    and when at the exhibition don’t forget to immerse yourself in one of his projects here at the Melbourne exhibit: “Flying with Dragons” !



    Dreamworks Animation 

    History of Dreamworks 

    Dreamworks at ACMI 2014 


    Many thanks go to ACMI and Claire Butler, Anna Quinn all Acmi staff and to Doug Cooper for this wonderful opportunity.

  • “Pity The Fools!” Our heads are in Jars and We join The List !

    Episode # 13 Tuesday April the 1st:

    episode 13 image for podcast

    It’s APRIL the FIRST !!  The Squeamer was in the JOY 949 studio talking with a couple of blokes who know a thing or two about comics in Oz …..
    Paul Bedford and Dean Rankine. Paul is the writer and brains of The List an Aussie graphic novel described as  …”an unyeilding
    tenacious work that revels in immersing it’s audience in an orgy of uncomfortable ghoulish voyeurism”

    ( Brokenfrontier.com ).

    Dean Rankine is a veteran of the Australian comic scene. He’s currently Writing and Drawing back up stories for Simpsons Comics ( Published by Matt Groening’s Bongo Comics ).

    Dean is a regular contributor to Australian MAD
    Magazine and he drew, ‘My Mother is a Brain-Eating Zombie’ and ‘Flatman and Ribbon’ for the UK’s longest running comic, The Dandy.


    Dean is the artist who is most well known for his work for The Simpsons and Futurama comics…and soon…very SOON something Harey This way Hops:

    Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land!!

    Dean Rankine Links HERE 

    ittybittybunnies HERE 

    So who dares wins? Paul Bedford talks about his creation: The List , his journey getting it published and the film script !

    The List on Facebook HERE

    paul bedford the list iamge 3 podcast

    The Squeamer spoke to Angus McGruther from the film Bela Kiss a horrific tale of the original bodies inn the barrels? It’s a film from Germany playing NOW in Melbourne town!

    German Film Festival in Melbourne


    And Lisa Sinclair was on The Couch again! this time she chatted about a favourite sci-fi intrigue on TV : Person of Interest …..what is it and why is it sooo GOOD!



  • Homebrew Crew 2014


    Episode #12 Tuesday March the 25th 2014

    Laura Crawford Scott Fraser and Garth Jones from the Homebrew Vampire Bullets crew dropped by the studio to have a chat with The Squeamer and Emmet (Ozmosis) O’Cuana about all things HBVB including the upcoming release of the 2nd anthology on the 31st of March.

    So what is HBVB?

    Home Brew Vampire Bullets is a juicy quarterly slab of Australian pulp storytelling.

    Honed dagger sharp by a degenerate crew of storyslingers with a love of all things cult, issue one features tales from the depraved likes of Justin Hamilton (Goodbye Guy, The Shelf), Doug Holgate(Flight, Zinc Alloy), Christian Read (Unmasked, Black City), Scott Fraser (Doll Boy, Diggsville), Simon Sherry (Heavy Angel, Killeroo), Kate Moon(Barbariön), and a bonkers slew of other established and freshly blooded Aussie talent.

    In the tradition of Tales from the Crypt2000AD and Metal HurlantHome Brew Vampire Bullets is an anthology of 75% R-rated (but not necessarily adult) Aussie myth spinning soundtracked by Rose Tatts, soaked in Melbourne Bitter and dyed defiantly navy blue.

    So listen in for all things Aussie Comics and much more.


  • CHIPCAST #1 :Square Sounds Chip 8 Bytes Game Boy Now!

    CHIPCAST #1   1st eva in Joy 949 Studios with The Squeamer of Sci-Fi & Squeam Saturday March 22 2014!   For those who are passionate about VideoGamesMusic!

    Square Sounds banner 2 for podcast

    In the Joy studios in Melbourne Town Sonja The Squeamer had the opportunity to chat to 3 music artists who Chiptune and do other things with electronic and computer devices found in popular culture! From Game Boys to Nintendos to Korg DS10′s to keyboards and guitars these blokes from as far afield as industrial capital Sheffield England chat chips and sound bytes of the #8 digital kind !

    It’s Retro but it is so NEW too …with Peaches The Wale’s father: Chris from Sydney, Saska AKA Tiasu and Harley AKA HarleyLikesMusic from Sheffield,UK. All will be playing at Melbourne’s very own Chipmusic Festival: Square Sounds 2014!

    Square Sounds Melbourne returns to Fitzroy’s Evelyn Hotel for its second year on the 28th and 29th of March, 2014, with another huge line up of some of the world’s greatest chipmusic artists.

    chiptune new image podcast1 
    music included in this CHIPCAST is: Tiasu, Peaches The Wale, HarleyLikesMusic,


    George & Jonathon, Tobiah,

    Kinife City,Zabutom, little-scale, SILent REQuiem, DS-10 Dominator, 8GB, DOT.AY,

    SabrepulseThank You to All at Square Sounds and to Kristy Dossor and Eugene, Mintendo

    and Derris Kharlan and Starpause and CTRIX.

    ” It’s an Endeavour of Love NOT money”  Tiasu .

    Square Sounds 2014

    Media from the Square Sounds 2013

    Previous PODCAST of Square Sounds 2013 on Joy 949


    Peaches The Wale



    This is what fun CHIPmusic is ! Here is a YOUTUBE of CTRIX in Tokyo 2013 :

  • Queer Geeks of Oz Speak ! For The 1st time in Oz!


    qgoo post panel podcast image 1

    This PODCAST is from October 2013…but with a TWIST..it has NOT been heard ever before…it is the chat/interviews with  the participants in the 1st ever LGBTIQ panel at Armageddon Expo 2013 !

    Have a listen to all the panel and a special audience member: RICK!!?

    What was the feeling after THE event? Who interviews them? What of the audience, what did they think? Will there be another ? Do we need another Queer Geeks of Oz? 

    Find OUT Listen to the POST-Queer Geeks of Oz !

    Sci-fi Scream at Armageddon Expo Oct 18th 2013 (59)

    In PHOTO Above Left to Right: Lee Galea, Bailey O’Neill,  Sonja The Squeamer, John Richards, DylStick AKA Dylan Adler, Luke Miller

    Audio chats with: John Richards, Luke Miller, Lee Galea, Rick !, Dylan Adler and The Squeamer...INTERVIEWS by Chloe Stannard

    audio edit by Sebastian Mittelman

    OTHER Queer Geeks of Oz PODCASTS click HERE !

    Armageddon Expo 


    Beautiful Art work BELOW by Artist Lindsay C Walker ….can you decipher the mascot?  Well here it is:

    The ‘creature’ – Cthulhu. Shirt and cape – Tetsuo from Akira. Boots and pose – He-Man. Belt – The Phantom Undies – Wonder Woman Shoulder pad – Judge Dredd Ring hanging from neck – Lord of the Rings Gauntlets – Batman Light Sabre – Darth Vader Communicator – Star Trek (Original Series) Mask – Donatello (Ninja Turtle)

    Queer Geeks of Oz (Lindsay Walker) (1)

  • Cinema Horror Obscura!

    Cinema obscura horror image for podcast 2

    Episode # 11 Tuesday March the 18th 2014

    In the studio at Joy 94.9 we have the RETURN of the A to Z of Horror Bailey O’Neill it is the letter’ O’ for obscure, and lesser known and WEIRD Horror films that are OUT there! So with all the dark and creepy films on offer it is revealing as to what is OUT in the Horror movie world , psychological thrillers like Dread and I Didn’t Come Here to Die.
    …and Sebastian Mittelman appears from behind the camera in front of the microphone to show his Horror Obscura choices..and meaty choices they are too with: Tender Dracula with Peter Cushing, El Caminante, Serail, Cataclysm and Io Zombo, Tu Zombi, Lei Zomba ( an Italian Shaun of the Dead from the 1970′s ! )..strangely unknown and weirdly undead and much more!!
    With the Squeamer, Sebastian discusses Der Januskopf (1920) by openly gay director F.W Murnau ( he who made Nosferatu), Der Januskopf is OUT there somewhere..where..we ask the question ” does anyone know where this lost movie is?”
    Listen as The Squeamer and Sebastian talk of something Pleasence, Donald Pleasence that is !
    And finally The Squeamer talks about Jack and Diane a sweet little ‘horror’ movie in the Melbourne Queer Film Festival here in Melbourne town..it stars Kiss of The Damned’s Riley Keough , Juno Temple from Magic Magic and Kaboom! and Kylie from Ramsey Street as a Lesbian? Is it Horror Cinema Obscura? Nose bleeds?
    So along with a bit of Swallow and some Night terrace it is quite a Horrorific show! Literally….and so what is that Richard Burton Obscura Horror film Sebastian talks about? find OUT…LISTEN!


    Nosferatu (1922) – Trailer

    obscura cinema horror iamge for podcast 1


  • The Buffy Birthday Show with some Splendid Chaps

    Birthday Buffy Show image for Podcast


    Episode # 10 Tuesday March the 11th  2014 on Joy 949

    Such a special night….it was a night where we learnt all about what Night Terrace are or is and in the studio we had with us Splendid Chappies: John Richards and Petra Elliot two of the folk behind something about to be

    coming soon : Night Terrace ! What is it?  What Horrors lie hidden in it’s mysteries and what has Jackie Woodburne got to do with it?  Sci-fi with an aural twist !

    Lisa Sinclair is back on The Couch with chat about the 1st episode of the reboot Cosmos series hosted by the SEXIEST Brain on the planet: Neil deGrasse Tyson! How much is it like the original Carl Sagan series? hmmm only one way to find out : LISTEN !

    And finally The Squeamer gets all exhausted talking about The Raid 2: Berandal, the sequel to 30 floors of mayhem’s 2012 martial arts cult movie The Raid..so how bone crunching is it?

    Vale Wendy Hughes, a legend.


    Well, it was fun and faux pas’d and it all made sense in the end:

    Happy # 17 Buffy we still love you!



    night terrace fb podcast image



    Night Terrace

    Splendid Chaps Facebook page


  • Same Sex Comics for Me Please! Room 801with Patrick Weyland-Smith


    Room 801 For episode 8 Podcast

    ABOVE: FanTAWEsome artwork from Kittyhawk!  Thank you Kittyhawk they are beautiful flying Valkyries!!


    Episode # 9 Tuesday the 4th of March 2014 JOY 949 studios in Melbourne :

    In the Joy studio The Squeamer is joined by Patrick Weyland-Smith who returneth from a very intensive introduction to the world of Yaoi and Yuri in Sydney Town Feb  21-23rd 2014!

    ROOM 801 it was called and wow not.. NOT a place for WOWSERS at all !!

    Listen and ENJOY last weeks show and get your Manga On Queer Geeks and Friends!


    ROOM 801

    Bent Con

    Luke Miller

    Mary Borsellino

    Jake Innes


    All The Smut   ( X Rated Manga and Comics by Women )

    room 801 banner