• Sci-Fi & Squeam

    Queer Geeks of Oz

    LIVE every Tuesday night from 10pm to 11pm, Sci-Fi and Squeam brings the Queer geek listener and friends all the things happening in the geeksverse. Topics range from horror and sci-fi, comics and video games, fan culture, pop conventions to interviews and film reviews.

    Regular segments include:

    • The A to Z of Horror with Bailey all about horror movies;
    • Random Geek Girls with Trance & Kyjey filling all your random geek needs once a month;
    • Lady Killers on TV with Tina on genre TV reviews and more;
    • Paper Trail with Matt Emery on Kiwi and Oz comics;
    • Behind The Mask with Andy Hawken on LGBTIQ comics;
    • DylStick, aka Dylan Adler on video games; and
    • Kevin Reader with The Reader on fantasy fiction.

    Hosted and Produced by Sonja "The Squeamer" Hammer. Podcasts by Sonja Hammer and Clayton Wimhurst. Photos and videos by Sebastian Mittelman. Tags and sound effects by Ross Bryant. Queer Geeks of Oz Assemble artwork by Kara Jay. Gay Zombie Unicorn artwork by Scarlette Baccini.

    So for a heap of Queer geekiness, tune in for your genre fix in Oz, abroad or ... intergalactic!


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