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  • The Second Breakfast talks Diversity at PAX 2014

    In the studio at JOY 949 it’s Second Breakfast time ! Sonja Hammer geeks out and talks about PAX and queer representation in games with special guest Liam Esler games developer and games consultant on issues of gender and diversity in the games industry :


    ‘As a gay dude obviously representation is an issue close to my heart, so I’m very glad to be talking about it – and able to actively do something about it professionally. ‘
    Liam’s BIO :
    ‘Liam Esler is a Associate Producer at Beamdog, developers of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, and Production Coordinator at independent games publishing label Surprise Attack. 
    He broke into the industry after years as a prolific modder and occasional indie developer, joining Beamdog remotely in early 2013, where he became Scripting Team Lead and writer on BGII:EE.
    Liam was selected for a fellowship at Obsidian Entertainment in California working on the upcoming Kickstarted RPG Pillars of Eternity, and after completing that is now back at Beamdog working on several unannounced projects. Liam is also working with the Game Developer’s Association of Australia to organise Game Connect Asia Pacific 2014 and other events, and – among other things – is also Production Coordinator at Surprise Attack. 
    Liam lives in Melbourne with his partner and their two feline fur-children, Imoen and Sarevok.’
    Liam is part of a panel at PAX Oct 31st deets here:


  • The Armageddon Files Interviews #3 : Roger Jackson !

    At Armageddon Expo 2014Sonja The Squeamer gets to speak to THE man, THE voice of ‘Ghostface’ from the classic Scream film franchise : Roger Jackson! Roger explains what really happened in THAT scene with Drew Barrymore in the 1st Scream film, and it’s amaaazing….

    roger jackson image 1 montage final

    Roger speaks about hat iconic role, the voice that changed EVERYTHING and he spoke about his other famous voices including Mojo Jojo from the Power Puff Girls and more !!

    Check out more of the VOICES Roger has been here !

    It was awesomely creepy and intriguing so ENJOY!

    Thanks to Armageddon Expo and to Roger Jackson.

  • The Armageddon Files Interviews: #2 Jacqueline Samuda

    #2 Interview with Jacqueline Samuda at Armageddon Expo Melbourne 2014 talking with Jacqueline in this special interview about the role of Women in Hollywood, from actors to writers to crews and what it is like to live there to her move back to her homeland: Canada! ( The Hollywood of the North ..of course!)


    We know Jacqueline from everything like SG-1, Stargate Continuum and The L Word.. but what of her OTHER work in the realm of directing and writing and her advocacy for women in the film and television making industry?

    ‘As a writer/director, Jacqueline was honoured with the inaugural prize of the Motion Picture Producers Association/Women in the Directors’ Chair Feature Film Award in 2008. A past BC Film Writer’s Fellow and instructor at Vancouver Film School and UBC’s Writing Centre, she also has story edited and polished many screenplays… She has served as President of the Board of Directors for Pacific Cinématheque, Vancouver’s non-profit cultural cinema venue. Jacqueline has been active on the Board of Vancouver’s Women in Film, where she served as President of the Board 2001-2003 and on the Advisory Board in subsequent years. In 2008, Jacqueline was honoured to receive a Lifetime Member Award for her work with Women in Film.’….a truly remarkable and inspiring woman!

    Find out in this podcast:


  • The Armageddon Files Interviews : # 1 Alaina Huffman

    #1 Interview with the chameleon of mystery of DC verse of TV from heaven to hell from The Black Canary of Smallville to the ‘Knight of Hell’, Abaddon in Supernatural…. it’s Alaina Huffman, star actress, mother of 4, female action hero come to life and feminist proud!


    Hear what Alaina  has to say about feminism and it’s importance, her role in the original Pain Killer Jane TV show with Kristianna Loken, and what she thinks of the upcoming film version and much more in this Armageddon Expo special interview podcast:

    solo 003 - Alaina Huffman



  • Second Breakfast goes for Diversity in Video Games

    It’s SECOND BREAKFAST time in the JOY 949 studio in Melbourne Town, it’s Thursday morning October the 16th 2014 with Sonja Hammer !


    Sonja is joined in the studio live with Alice and Karma Clarke talking about PAX and the Diversity Lounge they have created and some of the amazing panels also with a bent on diversity and inclusiveness for all LGBTIQ gaymers on the weekend coming up in Melbourne where we see PAX come to town Oct 31st till Nov 2nd!

    From the PAX website, this is one of the panels that Alice is involved in:

    ‘Play the Rainbow: Diversity in video games

    Did your Femshep court Liara in Mass Effect? Did the limited relationships in Tomodachi Life cramp your style? In The Sims, are your little digital people Woohooing with male and female neighbours? Was the best thing about Saint’s Row IV the gender-blind character editor? This panel aims to talk about gaming diversity, in the players, characters, and game creators. Which games get sex and gender diversity right, and which ones could try a little harder? Join our diverse panel to discuss it!’

    And what of this talk of a Xena Nintendo 64 game!??


    So check out this podcast of the Second Breakfast show :

  • Halloween Is……

    Welcome to Episode 41 Oct 14 2014….In the studio back with MORE Halloween themes…we have The Squeamer and DylStick RETURNS to look at Alien Isolation the video game out now!

    We also had a special guest Savanna Koene from the Swinburne Horror Club to share on what that is like ….

    Sonja reviews the David Bowie doco coinciding with the upcoming exhibition in 2015: David Bowie is….


  • Geek Girl Speak LIVE! Armageddon 2014

    AT Last : The podcast of Geek Girl Speak!  goes LIVE!!   ONLY at Armageddon Expo Saturday October the 18th at 1.30-2.30 pm

    Geek Girl Speak slides (1)

    Here it is LIVE on stage with The Ladies of the Nerd: Laura Crawford, Jen Cummings, Lisa-SkyeDr Emma Beddows and Sonja Hammer !

    BELOW, Left to Right: Jen Cummings, Laura Crawford, Sonja Hammer,Dr Emma Beddows and Lisa-Skye on stage Melbourne Showgrounds, Saturday October the 18th at Armageddon Expo 2014

    ggs image 1 live

    The panel focuses on the positive aspect of girl geek culture…and it’s a wonderful way to start. Also, it’s a way to reclaim the space, to define it at something positive and empowering rather than something negative and fraught with issues. The ladies talk about role models that are female like everyone’s favourite Dana Scully/GillianAnderson, Buffy and Faith from Buffy The Vampire Slayer  Zoe and Inara from Serenity and Firefly to Veronica Mars, Orphan Black, Felicia Day, The Soska Twins, ALL the women of Orange is the New Black to real life role models as like that of Anita Sarkeesian and even more wonderful was the eagerness of the audience to include their faves too!   What were their choices?

    Well, you need to listen to this podcast to find OUT!

    Geek Girl Speak slides (19)

    Yes, it’s a celebration of women in geekdom, it’s fun to talk about and share the females characters and real life people we admire without the fear of talking about the serious issues as well like sexism, inequality and misogyny in POP Culture today!!

    Gaming — or at least who plays video games — is quickly changing, though. According to the Entertainment Software Association, 48 percent of game players in the United States are women, a figure that has grown as new opportunities to play games through mobile devices, social networks and other avenues have proliferated. Game developers, however, continue to be mostly male: In a survey conducted earlier this year by the International Game Developers Association, a nonprofit association for game developers, only 21 percent of respondents said they were female.  http://www.nytimes.com/

    Geek Girl Speak slides (11)

    We hope you enjoy this podcast of the LIVE podcast !  The VIDEO is on it’s way so STAY POSTED!

    LINKS of interest:






    Thanks go to all on the Panel: Lisa-Skye, Dr Emma Beddows, Laura Crawford, Jen Cummings.

    Thanks to assistants for today : Chloe Stannard and Sebastian Mittelman Cheers peoples!

    Thanks to Scott Liston and Locky and Chris Brennan and all the publicists from Armageddon 2014

    Thanks also to Kyle Evans, Sci-Fi and Squeam team and JOY 949


  • Autism and the Geek

    Mental Health Week 2014

    ‘In 2014, Mental Health Week will run from Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th October. World Mental Health Day is marked every year on the same date: 10th of October.

    Mental Health Week aims to activate, educate and engage Victorians about mental health through a week of interactive events across the state including an official launch, community festivals, art exhibitions, music, theatre and seminars.’


    In the studio for this special podcast Andy Hawken from Behind The Mask talks to Sonja -The Squeamer -Hammer about her condition known as Autism. It’s all about how she has coped in keeping it in ‘the closet’ for many years, and now only in recent times has Sonja disclosed and now for the first time talks about ‘it’, the biggest challenge and all about the misunderstandings misdiagnosis and the difficulty and the rewards and positives about this what was once called ‘mental disorder’ .

    So being a Geek Girl and a ‘aspbie’ , what has that been like for her, and for Andy too?

    Find out in this COMING OUT Podcast Special!



    Autism in Victoria

    Autism What is It?

    Face Value Comics

    Face Value Comics Podcast interview here !


  • The Haunting of a Walrus

    Episode #40 inside the JOY studios Melbourne town. Tuesday October the 7th 2014 @10pm.

    Annabelle for Podcast 1

    Sonja The Squeamer is joined in the studio with The Couch and Lisa Sinclair talking about TV updates and Geek News round up and something is returning after almost 25 years …..


    The Squeamer talks about 2 of the latest films in the ‘Horror’ genre out now: Tusk by Kevin Smith and the first of The Conjuring’s prequels Annabelle ! CONTAINS SPOILERS !!

    Tusk Review for Podcast 1

    So cuddle up get all misty eyed and get nostalgic for the real terror of the late 1960’s ( or not ) when real life horror influenced cinema and more…but whatever you do DONT drink the herbal tea!!



  • Celebrating the Monster of Halloween!

    Episode # 39 In the studio at JOY 949 LIVE we have a Monster of a line-up of guests!


    We have Bailey O’Neill returning after a long sojourn with her take on some fave Halloween movies and Tv shows for the…

    A to Z of Horror segment, and we have Daniel Gough in the studio too, talking about his Monster performance at this years Melbourne Fringe Festival , as Daniel says about his play Monster : If nothing else, MONSTER seeks to demonstrate that in a number of cases, society is fairly misled when it comes to their conceptions of transgender people by allowing those poorly formed perspectives to play out on stage. I guess at the end of it all, MONSTER might remind us that if we are scared, it’s probably because someone like me went out of their way to make it so – not because a transgender person is coming after you.”

    Come See The Monster !

    daniel monster 3


    black and white cherry bites 1

    Also coming into the studio for the first time ever is …. a lady of dazzling glamour: Cherry Bites! 

    Cherry pops in to talk about her Halloween favourites in cinema and television and about her upcoming show for Halloween in Melbourne town at the 86 ! HERE!   it’s fabulously ghoulish and superbly horrific as it should be !

    Cherry puts the Glamour back into Horror!

    So enjoy our VERY early Halloween Special, Why? well why the HALLOWEEN not?!!



    Cherry Bites