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  • Great Afro American Singers Part 2

    Hi Listeners, This week’s program is all CLASS! Last year we presented Great Afro American Singers Part I and realised that we missed out on some great singers.So we are back this year with the […]

  • Make Believe

    Hi Listeners, One of our defence mechanisms is to fantasise or pretend when we wish to avoid unwelcome occurrences or to imagine a more magical existence. Often caused by love. Several songs this week tap […]

  • Radiothon 2017

    Hi Listeners It’s Radiothon 2017! ¬†We still need Joy! This week I’ll be joined by two intrepid Joysters: Julia and Lance who will help me navigate our way through the program urging you to become […]

  • National Volunteer Week

    Hi Listeners This week is National Volunteer Week when the nation celebrates the wonderful work of volunteers across our society. And of course, this is true at Joy 94.9 where about 300 volunteers contribute enormously […]

  • Heart

    Hi Listeners, It’s a fallacy that the heart is the organ for feeling love and emotional pain. It all happens in the brain, apparently. But, the heart is entrenched as that human part where we […]

  • Guys And Dolls 3

    Hi Listeners, This is our third program on ‘Guys And Dolls’. Again we feature a variety of male and female names. The program starts with Bobby Sherman’s bright ‘Julie Do You Love Me’ and finishes […]

  • Guys And Dolls 2

    Hi Listeners, Welcome to the second of our trilogy of programs with the theme ‘Guys And Dolls’. This week begins with an interpretation of the old standard ‘(Won’t You Come Home) Bill Bailey’ by Afro […]

  • Guys And Dolls 1

    Hi Listeners, This week we begin a trilogy of programs presenting the most common theme in pop music – names. We’ve selected the binary term ‘Guys And Dolls’ as it fits the era of music […]

  • Cheatin’ Hearts

    Hi Listeners, Sometimes songwriters and singers love to indulge in dramatic and emotion-filled themes. The figure of the cheating partner and the bereaved victim are a rich material for many pop songs. This proliferation is […]

  • Forever Never And Ever

    Hi Listeners, Three words that figure prominently in song titles: Forever, Never And Ever. The romantic ideal that love can last forever is captured in many pop song lyrics. Rod Stewart’s ‘Forever Young’ depicts the […]