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  • Forever Never And Ever

    Hi Listeners, Three words that figure prominently in song titles: Forever, Never And Ever. The romantic ideal that love can last forever is captured in many pop song lyrics. Rod Stewart’s ‘Forever Young’ depicts the […]

  • Re-Badging

    Hi Listeners This week’s program is celebrating new versions or covers of original songs. I think, in general, the original version of a song is usually superior to a cover. However, there are some cases […]

  • Featured Artists 8: Sherbet and Helen Shapiro

    Hi Listeners, This week we are presenting No 8 in our series of programs featuring two artists. Super seventies Aussie group Sherbet will join popular sixties English singer, Helen Shapiro featuring their biggest and best […]

  • No Program This Week

    Hi Listeners Due to Joy’s broadcast of Sydney’s Mardi Gras this weekend there will be no ‘Yesterday Once More’ on Sunday. However, we will return on Sunday March 12

  • Kisses

    Hi Listeners, Osculation….pashing…smooching. What is it about the act of kissing? Obviously there are different types of kissing – betwwen a parent and a child or among friends. But, overwhelmingly in the pop music world […]

  • Hide And Seek

    Hi Listeners, We all have secrets and at times we are all searching for something or someone. Combining those two ideas into one program we come up with the theme of ‘Hide And Seek’. Several […]

  • Armed Forces

    Hi Listeners Over the years pop music has often been captivated by the romance and sometimes the tragedy of men serving in the Armed Forces. Before the Vietnam War, songs about the armed forces were […]

  • Australiana 2017

    Hi Listeners After our extended vacations Mossy and I are back! We are looking forward to presenting you with an amazing array of new programs for 2017. What better way to start the new year […]

  • 2016

    Hi Listeners A big thank you to everyone who has contacted and supported us and listened to us during the year. We love hearing from you with your wonderful comments. Keep it up!! Rob will […]

  • Dreaming

    Hi Listeners, This week’s theme is Dreaming. Many songs use the state of dreaming as a form of lovesickness. A typical dreaming love song is Aussie Bryan Davies’ version of ‘Dream Girl’. Likewise, Air Supply’s […]