にひゃくじゅうさん – 能ある鷹は爪を隠す


[Japanese: Two hundred and thirteen – Talented people don’t need to show off]

Michael and Io go all out with a collection of brand-new tunes from around the world in languages other than English.

But what happens when they get into a bit of a fight?

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Kerstin Ott – Schau mal [LGBT – German: Look here]        Watch on YouTube

Nicole Cherry – Doctore [Romanian: Doctor]        Watch on YouTube

Alya – Spet zaljubljena [Slovenian: In love again]        Watch on YouTube

Shohruhxon – Unamaydi [Uzbek: It does not]        Watch on YouTube

Rocco Hunt ft Boomdabash & J-Ax – Ti volevo dedicare [Italian: I want to be devoted to you]        Watch on YouTube

Wani Kayrie – Magika [Malay: Magic]        Watch on YouTube

Morat – A Dónde Vamos [Spanish: Where we go]        Watch on YouTube

Shiraz – Bella Ciao بالعربي [Arabic: Bella Ciao in Arabic]        Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Japanese

ARASHI – Turning Up        Watch on YouTube

IZ-ONE – Vampire        Watch on YouTube

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