مائتان وواحد وستون – طنجرة ولقت غطاها


[Arabic: Two hundred and sixty-one – Finding your other half]

We’re locked down again, but thankfully we have the Olympics to keep us company.

Ahead of the final of event of the year (rhythmic gymnastics of course), Michael and Io climb onto the podium to present metallic discs to some of the best pop going around right now.

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قائمة التشغيل

CNCO – Toa la Noche [Spanish: All Night]      Watch on YouTube

Daria Zawiałow – Wojny i Noce [Polish: Wars and Nights]      Watch on YouTube

5sta Family – Аллилуйя [Russian: Hallelujah]      Watch on YouTube

Рахымжан Жақайым – О Қарындас [Kazakh: Oh sister]      Watch on YouTube

Đogani – Lockdown [Serbian]      Watch on YouTube

Melissa Naschenweng – Traktorführerschein [German: Tractor licence]      Watch on YouTube

Miss Li – Instruktionsboken [Swedish: Instruction Manual]      Watch on YouTube

Erika Vikman – Häpeä [Finnish: Shame]      Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Arabic

Manal – Call Me      Watch on YouTube

Saif Nabeel & Balqees – Momken [Maybe]      Watch on YouTube