Dvjesto šezdeset – Tko vino večera, vodu doručkuje


[Croatian: Two hundred and sixty – Paying for the night before]

Bops, bangers and belters are what you get everytime babblePOP! comes around.

Michael and Io have lined up a great playlist of tunes in languages other then English. They ponder an Azis and Victoria duet, wonder if a Eurovision song was stolen from the African continent and miss summer.

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Popis za reprodukciju

Dreamcatcher – BEcause [Korean]      Watch on YouTube

Zuchu – Sukari [Swahili: Sugar]      Watch on YouTube

Azis 🏳️‍🌈 – Tochno v Tri [Bulgarian: Exactly at Three]      Watch on YouTube

Nation Big Engine – Piir Rook [Dinka]      Watch on YouTube

KAZKA – М’ята [Ukrainian: Mint]      Watch on YouTube

Andreea Balan – Ne îndrăgostim [Romanian: We fall in love]      Watch on YouTube

Clara Luciani – Le reste [French: The rest]      Watch on YouTube

Phao x Tyga – 2 Phút Hơn (Make It Hot) [KAIZ Remix] [Vietnamese: 2 Minutes More]      Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Croatian

Lidija Bačić Lille ft Žanamari – Stop      Watch on YouTube

Domenica – A Meni Vruće [And I’m Hot]      Watch on YouTube