Двести семьдесят один – Свобода!

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[Russian: Two hundred and seventy-one – Freedom!]

Lockdown has finally lifted in Melbourne, as more and more of us step up to get the #FabJab.

Michael celebrated with a haircut and Io celebrated by studying for exams.

You can celebrate with these bangers, that’ll take you all the way to the clubs!

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Krisko & Galena – Тръпката [Bulgarian: Thrill]      Watch on YouTube

Stromae – Santé [French: Cheers]      Watch on YouTube

DJ Cent Mr NoRest ft Lady Kola, Hani Breva & Juna Di Star – Kulu Le Ana [Dinka]      Watch on YouTube

LiSA – GL [Japanese]      Watch on YouTube

Helene Fischer – Null auf 100 [German: Zero to 100]      Watch on YouTube

JESIKA – Budzi nas miłość [Polish: Love awakens us]      Watch on YouTube

Clara Klingenström – Liv [Swedish: Life]      Watch on YouTube

ENHYPEN – Tamed-Dashed [Korean]      Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Russian

MONATIK – Зажигать/JoMo [Spark off]      Watch on YouTube

Cream Soda – Подожгу [I will set alight]      Watch on YouTube