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Posh Reggae comes to the Port Fairy Folk Festival when British Jazz Saxophonist YolanDa Brown visits Victoria to perform in the festival, at a small number of club gig’s, and then travels to NSW to the Blue Mountains Music Festival.

David Moyle spoke with YolanDa on Bent Notes where we heard about her Children’s Television program – Yolanda’s Band Jam, and the importance of educating children with music of all types, and how this carries all the way through life.  Of course, when the parents attending the children’s shows realise that YolanDa is more than a children’s television performer they become fans of her music too.

YolanDa was brought up on a musical diet from her father’s record collection which included classical, ska, reggae, rock and folk genres – such a broad range educating YolanDa to appreciate Music in its fullest sense.

Hear where the term POSH REGGAE came from (something to do with Melbourne!)

Yolanda is performing at the Port Fairy Folk Festival on March 6, 7, 8, The Fyrefly (Mar 12), The Jazzlab (Mar 13), and the Blue Mountains Music Festival (Mar 14-15) with music from her album LOVE, POLITICS, WAR, and new music too –  on the Million Billion Love Tour!

YolanDa Brown was a guest of Bent Notes on Sunday February 23, 2020
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