Australia’s most uplifting music mix weekdays


JOY 94.9 is where you’ll hear yesterday’s bangers and tomorrow’s hits played today.

From Up Early and JOY Breakfast through to JOY Drive, allow us to fill your work day with a blend of uplifting, upbeat pop, R&B, remixes and vocal dance sourced from all corners of the world.

We’ll mix the best of what you might be hearing elsewhere, with something you won’t hear anywhere else and we’ll throw in a classic from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the Naughties as well.

We’ll make sure you’re hearing lots of new music during the day, keeping you up-to-date with many of your favourite artists and many more you’ll want to get to know.

The ‘sound’ your hear is pulled together by our Music Director, Michael Polh, keeping all these things in mind and ensuring we meet the criteria set out by our own music policy.

You can check out all the music added to the weekday music mix by following our music blog.

Keep up to date with news from the JOY Music Team on Twitter by following @JOY949MD

Specialist music shows for every taste

Our specialty music programs across the schedule showcase everything from country, urban, jazz and alternative through to world music, acoustic, classical and folk.

Check out the current program grid for details of what and when these shows air.

Not Hearing Your Preferred Style of Music?

If your genre is not represented then think about becoming a volunteer presenter and submitting a program proposal to the Program Director. The station is interested in all genres of music, especially if it’s not currently represented on our program grid.

The Music Team

  • Michael PolhMusic Director – team leader and responsible for new music selection and rotation of the week day music mix –
  • John WintleMusic Coordinator – responsible for music scheduling administration (data entry, scheduling and rotation) of the week day music mix –
  • Bryan McGrathMusic Interview Coordinator – responsible for coordination of music artist / festival interviews on the station –
  • Richard WaltersMusic Librarian – ensures all incoming music to the station is quickly and accurately made available and promoted to our presenter teams

Getting your music on JOY

The music team will listen, assess and review all music sent into the station and the reviews, recommendations and CDs are made available to our specialist program presenters.

You can also send a disc or streaming link/file directly to programs that play the genre of music you make – check the names and email addresses of the programs and presenters on the program schedule.

If you’re Aussie, independent or identify as part of the LGBTIQ communities and your music is in the uptempo pop / funk /dance-pop realm send a stream link to Michael for weekday playlist consideration. Weekday music on JOY is selected based on our music policy as well as a fit for our signature uplifting sound.

To send physical media to the station, ship your CD and BIO to:

JOY Music Team
9/225 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000

JOY Music Policy

  • More than 30% of music played will be from Australian artists or produced in Australia.
  • More than 15% of music played will be from out-and-proud LGBTIQ artists
  • The music will positively promote artists who are underrepresented in mainstream media
  • The station will support artists who have clearly demonstrated a public commitment to the LGBTIQ communities

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