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‘Be mindful of us girls, because you don’t know how hard we’ve had it.’

That was what we were told after speaking with sistagirl  Elytta_Adelaide Manton also known as Lismores Lilly. As a child, she was raped and in order to remain a part of the system she kept quiet, so that she could remain living amongst the other girls instead of with the boys.

Miranda Sparks spoke to Lismore’s Lilly about her work with sistagirls in prison, as she shared what it’s like being an indigenous transgender woman.

The testimony is confronting to hear, and a part of a distressing conversation; but it’s one that needs to be shared, and an important one to listen to. But listener discretion is advised, this is a very moving yet heavy and raw conversation with Elytta_Adelaide Manton also known as Lismores Lilly.

But, it is important that we hear it.

The voices and experiences of the transgender population can often be silenced, disregarded or ignored. That cannot and should not happen.

But when you add another level of marginalisation, that of indigenous people, we need to listen, instead of assuming their experience is the same as the non-indigenous trans community.

In 2006, Lismore’s Lilly was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo chemo therapy and breast scrapings, and now she is raising funds so that she can have breast reconstruction. So that when she looks in a mirror, she can do so without the need to wear implants.

Here is a link to her Go-Fund me page on The Informers social media : https://au.gofundme.com/help-lismores-lilly

This segment aired on The Informer on JOY 94,9 on 12th July 2018 & was hosted by Tom Morgan.


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