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Car episode 15:
Its our 99th show! Lets celebrate something thats always overlooked! You can be damn sure we’ll be up for 101 too! Listen out for our Joan Jett winner, either I hate myself for loving you, or Do you wanna touch me.

We have clips from Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Olox’s take on zombie, Damielou’s coronofied A whole new world, Daryl Braithewaite, Joan herself and Kygo and Tina Turner.

We will also play a special Glee tribute for Naia Rivera, Benjamin Keough and Kelly Preston who we lost this week

Tracks are from
New order, Bomfunk mcs, Culture club, Cut n move, Live, Gavin Degraw, Heart, Cameo, Kanye West, Furious turtles, Ganggajang, Galapagos duck, Erykah Badu, Missy Elliott, The twins, Goanna, The magnetic fields, and Jay Z sings out the show with the perfect 99 song.

Mask up, n enjoy 😷😬


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