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  • Music, Self Care and a Mixtape for Equality

    Music, Self Care and a Mixtape for Equality

    It’s all about music and self care in this episode as Cal and Liam introduce VAC’s latest social media campaign – the ‘Equality Mixtape’. We are also joined in the studio by registered Music Therapist […]

  • PrEP Update – August 2017

    PrEP Update – August 2017

    Cal and Michael take to the studio to unpack what PBAC’s decision to defer recommendation of PrEP to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme actually means. They’re also joined by Peter Locke from the Centre Clinic, Pronto! and […]

  • A Week of Leather and Fetish 2017

    A Week of Leather and Fetish 2017

    Well, Well, Well’s resident kinsters, Michael and Liam, discuss the Laird Hotel’s ‘A Week of Leather and Fetish’ and Laird Leatherman 2017 title, learn more about VAC’s Sexually Adventurous Men (SAM) project and speak to […]

  • Family Violence

    Family Violence

    Tex and Jack are joined in the studio by Wendy Brokenshire from the Victorian AIDS Council LGBTI Intimate Partner & Family Violence, Counselling and AOD Services Program and Leading Senior Constable Gabby Tyacke from Victoria […]

  • LBQ Women’s Health Conference

    LBQ Women’s Health Conference

    Renee and Jessie kick off the new season of Well, Well, Well with a recap of the 2017 Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women’s Health Conference which took place on July 13 and 14 in Sydney. […]

  • PreP


    John and Alex are joined by Michael from PrEPaccessNOW and Chris from PrEP’d FOR CHANGE to discuss all things PrEP. These two Community online groups are dedicated to sharing current info, media, opinions and access […]

  • Youth Homelessness

    This evening we have a special guests Wayne Green of Unison, a housing service and Dr Liz Crock of RDNS HIV team unpacking and exploring youth homelessness with a focus on the LGBTI communities. This […]

  • ChillOut Festival

    ChillOut Festival

    ChillOut Festival is coming up! Adam & Jack together with Renee, the event coordinator at VAC fill us in on what’s on the calendar. Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman are the special guests at the […]

  • Harm Reduction and Drug Education

    This week Jessie and John discuss simple drug education and dangerous drug combinations. They are joined by Mala from Dancewize, Harm Reduction Victoria. Topics include the 10 pillars (of partying) and keeping safe at Sydney […]