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In this week’s programme you will hear some wonderful songs while listening to a selection of long standing greats of music. For Instance, headliners Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry want you to listen with Fats Domino and Perry Como wanting you to hear. LRB suggests listening to your heart, the Beach Boys can hear music, Paul McCartney (Wings) is listening to what the man said and one of the world’s biggest selling female vocalists, Helen Reddy ‘Can’t Hear You No More’.


  • I Can Hear Music – Beach Boys
  • Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat- Herman’s Hermits
  • Listen to What the Man Said -Wings
  • Listen to Me  – Buddy Holly
  • I Hear a Symphony – The Supremes
  • Do You Hear What I Hear – Perry Como
  • Listen To Your Heart – LRB
  • Stop and Listen – Chuck Berry
  • I Can’t Hear You No More – Helen Reddy
  • Listen Honey – Four Preps
  • Listen to The Band – The Monkees
  • I Hear You Knockin’ – Fats Domino

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